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Bariatric Surgery in the Leesburg Area

Leesburg Beach  Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery for weight loss is a tried and trusted method. However, you need a tried and trusted doctor to do this life changing surgery. While there are many options in the State of Florida, one of the very best is Dr. Birkedal. He is well qualified with a board certification in general surgery and is also a member of Florida Medical Association. Dr. Birkedal is a dedicated health professional and takes patients only when he can give them close personal attention and is now taking new patients. Florida Hospital Memorial Center is where his office is and you can reach him at 386-231-3530.

Obesity is a very personal issue and is problematic for a lot of people. There are genuine health concerns if it is not dealt with. It needs to be understood that there may be other options than bariatric surgery such as diet and exercise. Dr. Birkedal will guide you as to what your best options are. Even in bariatric surgery there are many choices, such as gastric bypass surgery or a lap band surgery, there is also gastric sleeve. The correct option for you requires a detailed discussion with your physician.

Laparoscopic Surgery Leesburg Beach

Gastric Bypass Surgery in Leesburg

Gastric bypass surgery is one kind of surgery that can be complicated, but is also life altering. The stomach of the patient is reduced substantially and they will never be able to eat like they did before. Dr. Birkedal will guide you through this life changing experience step by step.

Thyroid Treatment in Leesburg

Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism can have a serious impact on any health program aiming for weight loss. The thyroid is a very delicate gland that requires very careful and specialized treatment. The good news is most of the problems with the thyroid can be handled medically. Dr. Birkedal knows how to handle this very specialized area.

Hernia Surgery and Treatment in Leesburg

Hernias are not often easy to handle and if no treatment is taken they can become worse. However, there is positive news for those suffering from a hernia. If these are handled early by an experienced physician, the problem can be resolved quickly. Dr. Birkedal can do that, often with a surgery that is not very invasive and can resolve this issue without major surgery, pain and recovery time.


Gastric Bypass Surgery Leesburg Beach Leesburg Beach  General Surgeon Hernia Surgery Leesburg Beach

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Vascular Surgery Leesburg Beach

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Expertise in Vascular Surgery in the Leesburg Area

Vascular issues are often linked to weight loss issues. Very often, a sedentary life style can cause vascular problems. This could be something like blood collecting in the legs causing various problems such as uneven circulation throughout the body. It is possible to treat it and Dr. Birkedal has both the experience and expertise to help and he certainly can fix your vascular system so not only will you feel better, your legs will look better as well.

Treating Gallstones and Gall Bladder Surgery in Leesburg

While some people have to deal with gall stones once in their life time, there are many folks who have to deal with gall stones regularly. Neither of these is very pleasant. Many eventually have their gall bladder removed. Dr. Birkedal can take you through the procedure using laparoscopic surgery, which requires only small incisions and very little pain and recovery time.

The Costs Involved in Doing a Bariatric Surgery

There is often no single answer for this as one size rarely fits all. This is a very specialized surgery and your goals and physical condition are all taken into consideration to see which kind of surgery would be appropriate for you. Once type of surgery is decided, you can talk with your doctor's office regarding specific charges and whether or not your insurance will cover most of the cost.

Dr. Christian Birkedal is a well-liked and respected surgeon who has years of experience in many types of surgery and care. You can reach him at 386-231-5350 for a consultation.

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