After surgery instructions

Please click the general instruction link below and the link for your specific surgery. This should answer most of your post-operative questions. If not, then please call the office at 386-210-9844.

General Instructions

Please call the office after you arrive home to schedule an appointment two weeks after your surgery, unless otherwise instructed.

Please call the office immediately for any questions, concerns or problems. We are available 24 hours a day to assist. We will treat you as we want our own family treated.

What to expect: Day of Surgery

The day of your surgery will begin with you arriving at Florida Memorial Medical Center approximately two hours before your surgery. After you check in at the desk on the second floor, you will be brought to the Ambulatory Surgery Unit. Here, you will be checked in by a nurse, have an IV started and your medical history will be reviewed in preparation for surgery. Then you will meet the remainder of Dr. Birkedal's OR team including the Anesthesiologist. Dr. Birkedal will check on you and answer any last minute questions. You will then proceed to the operating room that has been prepared for you. After the anesthesia has been administered, the surgery will begin.

After the operation is successfully completed, Dr. Birkedal will talk to your family in one of the consultation rooms in the waiting area.

You will initially recover from anesthesia in the Recovery Room. Family is not allowed in this area due to patient privacy.

After approximately one hour, you will be brought back to the Ambulatory Surgery Unit where your family will join you. Dr. Birkedal will then check on you prior to discharge.

The entire surgical process will take at least six hours.

The waiting area has a large screen TV, complimentary coffee and comfortable seating for your family's enjoyment while they wait. Wireless internet access is also available.

The cafeteria is on the 1st floor, featuring a wide variety of healthy snacks and meals for your convenience.