Monthly Archive: August 2013

Aug 30

Have a Wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

This Monday, September 2nd, we will be closed due to the Labor Day Holiday.  Enjoy the long weekend!  As always – stay safe, happy, and healthy! -Dr. Christian Birkedal           Posted By: Axiom Health Care Marketing

Aug 26

Do You Qualify for Weight Loss Surgery?

Have you tried everything to lose weight but haven’t made any progress? Read our latest article on the LAP-BAND System to see if it is right for you.                 Posted By: Axiom Heath Care Marketing  

Aug 22

Lose Inches and Gain Confidence with the LAP-BAND System

  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a whopping 35.7% of adult Americans are obese.  This number shouldn’t surprise us, considering we live in an era that strives for convenience and speed above all else.  Instead of cooking a well-balanced meal, some of us only have the time and energy to drive …

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Aug 19

Trouble Losing Weight?

If you have tried extreme dieting and exercise techniques, but are still having trouble losing weight, learn more about minimally invasive gastric sleeve surgery HERE. Posted By: Axiom Health Care Marketing

Aug 16

Inguinal Hernias: A Problem you don’t want to Ignore

The risk of men developing an inguinal hernia throughout their lifetime is 27%, and risk for women is 3%. Improperly lifting weights?  Obese?  Poor nutrition and/or sedentary lifestyle?  If you can identify yourself with any of these factors, you may want to  learn more about hernias and how to  treat them with minimally invasive surgery …

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Aug 12

Minimize the Fear with Minimally Invasive Surgery

Minimally invasive surgery leaves patients with smaller scars, less postoperative pain, and faster recovery times. Learn more about minimally invasive procedures in this ARTICLE Posted by: Axiom Health Care Marketing

Aug 09

Spider Vein Prevention can do Wonders to your Health

  Men and women, but mostly women, deal with spider veins from an early age.  They can make us insecure to the point we may not want to wear shorts, skirts, or swim suits.  Some of us think that these visible, web-like veins on our legs are just something we picked up from our ancestors, …

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Aug 02

Why You Should Consider Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic surgery has many advantages over traditional surgery when treating very serious conditions such as gallstones.  Learn more about gallstones and surgical treatment options HERE 

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