Monthly Archive: December 2013

Dec 30

New Year Greetings

Everyone here at the office of Dr. Christian Birkedal wants to wish you a very happy, healthy, upcoming New Year.

Dec 30

The Psychology of Weight Loss

If a million people took a test and two-thirds of them failed, would you label them lazy and lacking willpower? Of course not. However, that is how others and we ourselves view it when we try to lose weight and fail. What’s Going On? A survey done by the International Food Information Council Foundation in …

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Dec 27

Eating Right

Although there are a lot of extra treats around at this time of year Dr. Birkedal reminds us that it is important to maintain a good healthy eating pattern amidst all the temptations.

Dec 25

Merry Christmas

Dr. Christian Birkedal and all of his staff want to send you warm wishes for a happy, healthy, very Merry Christmas.

Dec 23

Holiday Greetings

Dr. Christian Birkedal and his staff hope that whatever your celebration is this time of year that it is filled with joy, family and friends.

Dec 21

Too Many Sweets

Dr. Birkedal wants to reminds us that all those delicious cookies and candies hanging around aren’t the best thing for your waist. Go ahead and indulge a little, but don’t go overboard.

Dec 19

Turkey Tip

Here is a tip for having a turkey with a nice juicy breast: cook it upside down. With a nice juicy turkey, you don’t need any fattening gravy. Dr. Christian Birkedal reports that there are special tines made especially for turning the turkey over. Turn it over about an hour before it’s done so you’ll …

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Dec 17

The Last Straw

If you have done everything you can to lose weight on your own, give yourself a Christmas present of a thinner you by contacting Dr. Christian Birkedal for a consultation.

Dec 13

The Importance of Fiber

A study published in the December issue of The American Journal of Medicine (AJM) reports on a study conducted with 23,168 people. Of the people monitored, 80% of them were found to consume less than half of the recommended daily requirement for fiber. Further Findings The AJM report went on to say that those who …

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Dec 13


If you suffer from indigestion or esophogeal reflux disease, it is always exacerbated by overeating. Eat what you like, but in small portions, and try to spread out the time so you don’t fill your stomach too much at once. Dr. Birkedal reminds us that everything is good in moderation.

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