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Jan 31

Laparoscopic Surgery


Twenty years ago laparoscopic surgery was in its infancy in Daytona Beach and everywhere else. Today, it is used for everything from gallbladder surgery to weight loss surgery.

Jan 29

Proven Success

In Daytona Beach, as elsewhere, gastric sleeve surgery is becoming the weight loss surgery of choice. It is not as restrictive and allows the intestines to remain intact, resulting in less loss of nutrients.

Jan 27

Mild Exercise

Overweight people can benefit greatly from exercise. Mild exercise like walking doesn’t require any equipment and is easy to do. Get out and enjoy the great outdoors!

Jan 27

How to Get Ready for Lap-Band® Surgery: Dietary Changes to Know

Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding is a laparoscopic surgery technique in which a Lap-Band ® is implanted into the person as part of an obesity treatment plan. These bands are getting more popular, and lap band surgery is now an accepted procedure in the US healthcare industry. Patients and doctors must consider many lap band before …

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Jan 24


When you are trying to lose weight, surround yourself with people that support your efforts and provide encouragement, not needling.

Jan 22


If you are an overeater, a good and easy way to cut down on the amount you eat is to simply eat only half of what you want. Follow this simple strategy and it will help you lose weight.

Jan 20

Laparoscopic Surgery

In order to understand laparoscopic surgery, you need to have an idea of what a laparoscope is. You may be surprised to learn that an ancient version of laparoscopy was performed by Hippocrates. Based on his descriptions, he was well aware of the workings of the intestinal tract. One of his methods was to inject …

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Jan 17

Big or Small

Dr. Birkedal advises that whether your weight loss goal is big or small, remember to enlist the help of friends and family to help you stay the course.

Jan 15

Congratulations to Lauren Donelly, PA-C part of Our Team

Lauren Donelly

Great article on the Daytona News Journal check it out: If you have any further questions or would like to schedule a consultation to discuss both surgical and non-surgical weight-loss options, please contact the Weight-Loss Program at Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center, overseen by Dr. Christian Birkedal, at 386-231-3530.      

Jan 15

Keeping Resolutions

Your resolution to lose weight is a good one. Don’t give up. Leave yourself inspiring notes around where you are bound to see them and Dr. Birkedal reminds you to keep up the good work toward your weight loss goal.

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