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Feb 28

Minimally Invasive Surgery

The use of laparoscopic surgery techniques is becoming more widespread as physicians become more experienced and see the benefits of this type of surgery. It is being used all over in places such as Pinellas and Winter Springs to perform gallbladder surgery and even thyroid treatment.

Feb 26

The Final Solution

If you are at the point where you have tried unsuccessfully time and time again, to loose weight, perhaps it’s time to consider a surgical alternative. Whether you are in Palm Harbor or Tampa, bariatric surgery for creating a gastric sleeve can be the answer you need. Call us today for a health care consultation.

Feb 24

Award Winner

Catch the story about Dr. Birkedal and how he qualified for his second Physician of the Quarter Award. Patients from Sarasota and elsewhere know him and his excellent work and patient care.

Feb 21

Weight Loss Options When You’ve Tried Everything

Loosing weight is a real battle, and to some that may be a great understatement. It seems totally unfair that something so easy to gain is so hard to get rid of. It ought to take equal energy to accomplish either. Of course, we all know that it doesn’t work like that, much to our …

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Feb 19

Less Scaring

Dr. Birkedal is an expert in minimally invasive surgery and he specializes in weight loss surgery. People come from Palm Bay and Winter Springs to consult with him for the procedures that cause very little scaring.

Feb 17

Dr. Birkedal Wins Another Award

Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center has once again awarded Dr. Christian Birkedal the Physician of the Quarter award. This is the second time in a row that Dr. Birkedal has won the award. He also received the award last August 2013. The honor of Physician of the Quarter is based on patient and family recommendations, …

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Feb 14

Congratulations to Dr. Birkedal!

Dr. Birkedal has once again been honored by Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center as Physician of the Quarter. As a general surgeon, this honor is especially meaningful as it comes as a result of reviews by patients and peers. The hospital is also rated number one in the area such as Daytona Beach and New …

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Feb 12

Advancements in Surgery

Laporoscopic surgery is making inroads in surgery. This kind of surgery requires only three or four small incisions instead of a very large one. Gallbladder surgery has been done this way in Daytona Beach for over 20 years.

Feb 10

Cause of Weight Gain

Some studies recently reported that drinking diet soft drinks might actually cause weight gain. Whatever research finds, it’s clear that soda provides no nutrients that the body needs. To learn safe weight loss strategies, come to our office in Daytona Beach.

Feb 07

Too Much Sizzle in Soda

The creation of soda actually begins with Mother Nature and mineral springs. Mineral water was considered curative and healthful for both drinking and bathing. Then in 1767, the first drinkable glass of carbonated water was created. Eventually, the ability to mass produce sparkling mineral water was discovered and pharmacists were the ones who disbursed the …

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