Monthly Archive: March 2014

Mar 31

Nutrition Advice

 Dr. Birkedal offers not only weight loss surgery. He and his staff also provide nutrition counseling to help you transition to your new healthier lifestyle living in Pinellas, or Winter Haven.

Mar 28

Thyroid Health

One way to promote thyroid health whether you live in Bradenton or Brandon, is to eat iodine rich foods. These foods include kelp and seaweed, fresh fish, cod, fish oils, haddock, eggs, onions, artichokes and pineapple.

Mar 26

Hernia Repair Surgery Fixes Various Abdominal Deviations

Millions of sufferers all over the world have hernia issues that affect their health and may need surgery to have it repaired. A hernia happens when the inside abdominal muscle layers are too weak, and the contents of the abdomen bulges out. It looks like a small sac, and sometimes a part of the intestine …

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Mar 24

Thyroid Problems Requiring Surgery


The thyroid is a gland that is located in the front of the neck, just below the Adam’s apple and voice box. It is butterfly-shaped and lies over the windpipe. It has a multitude of blood vessels and certain nerves pass through the thyroid that are important to voice quality. The thyroid gland is part …

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Mar 21

Cost of Surgery

If you are considering surgery to loose weight, you may want to know about the cost of weight loss surgery. If you are in Tampa or Brandon, call Dr. Birkedal for a consultation today and he can answer all of your questions.

Mar 19

See Our New Video

Take a look at our new video on You Tube and find out all of the ways we can help you get to the weight you want. Whether you are in Titusville or Tampa, we can help you reach a healthier weight.

Mar 17

Risk of Surgery

Just as with any kind of surgery, there are bariatric surgery risks as well. One of the main risks is that of infection, but with proper care and following antiseptic procedures, this risk is limited. Whether you are in Port Charlotte or elsewhere, call for a consultation with Dr. Birkedal.

Mar 14

Spider Vein Surgery

If you are hoping to avoid spider vein surgery, there are things you can do to help avoid them. People from Port Charlotte to Leesburg come to Dr. Birkedal for help with spider veins.

Mar 12

Post Operative Pain

Whether you are in Sanford or Winter Springs, if you are considering bariatric surgery but are concerned about post-operative pain, Dr. Birkedal can put your mind at ease and answer all of your questions.

Mar 08

Spider Veins

If you are experiencing unsightly spider veins, Dr. Birkedal can help. You can have treatment or spider vein surgery right in his office in Daytona Beach. Call today for an appointment.

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