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Sep 29

Surgery Risks

Just as with any surgery, there are bariatric surgery risks as well. All surgery poses the risk of infection and other complications, but bariatric surgery also has a risk of stomach or intestinal leakage. With an experienced bariatric surgeon such as Dr. Birkedal in Daytona Beach however, you won’t have this problem.

Sep 26

To Fix or Not to Fix

hernia repair

Millions of people experience hiatal hernias and often they aren’t painful. However, it is always advisable to consult with your physician in Edgewater about your hernia and discuss whether or not hiatal hernia surgery is warranted.

Sep 24

Weight Loss Surgeons

When having weight loss surgery, a general surgeon can certainly do the procedure anywhere in the Clermont area. However, it may be better to go with a surgeon with a lot of practice in the field for the best results.

Sep 22

Learning About Laparoscopic Surgery

Many discussions of various surgeries make use of the term “laparoscopic surgery,” but may or may not see fit to define the term. As a result, many people are unaware of what this kind of surgery is. We will discuss what laparoscopic surgery is, and how it affects the patient and the medical world, compared …

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Sep 19

Bone Pain or Tenderness?

evidence-based medicine

If you are experiencing bone pain or tenderness, it’s possible you have a problem with your parathyroid gland. The parathyroid gland helps regulate calcium in the body. See your doctor in Orlando right away for tests to determine if you need parathyroid treatment.

Sep 17

Benefits of the Gastric Sleeve

In Kissimmee, there are several options for weight loss surgery and one of them is the gastric sleeve. This surgery involves only removing a large portion of the stomach, leaving all of the intestines intact. This allows the absorption of all the nutrients from the food taken in. This is not the case with gastric …

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Sep 15

Bariatric Surgery Cost

If you are asking, “How much is bariatric surgery,” it might be better to first be sure what kind of bariatric surgery and where in Flagler County it is to be performed. This kind of surgery generally covers any surgery of the abdomen and each has a different level of complexity and recovery time.

Sep 12

Information About Lap Band Surgery

Lap band surgery is a form of bariatric surgery, more commonly known as “weight loss surgery.” These forms of surgery aims at helping the patient reduce their body weight. Because all forms of bariatric surgery are invasive to some degree, and most require potentially life long follow up care most physicians do not recommend them …

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Sep 10

Questions About Lap Band Procedures

There is a lot of information on the Internet about lap band procedures. You can find many websites on your home computer in Brevard Lake that offer lap band FAQ pages that may answer many of your questions.

Sep 08

The Cost of Weight Loss Surgery

Embed from Getty Images The cost of weight loss surgery will differ from one location to another, but you may get a general idea of cost by searching the area where you live in Florida. The best thing is to speak to a qualified bariatric surgeon and learn your options.

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