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Oct 31

Happy Hallow’s Eve!

Dr. Birkedal and his staff would like to wish everyone a happy Halloween. We hope you and your families have a fun holiday in Daytona Beach filled will no nasty tricks, but lots of nice treats. Have a fun and safe holiday.

Oct 29

Get a Specialist


Embed from Getty Images When you have consulted with your doctor regarding lap band surgery, make sure you get referrals for lap band surgeons, or rather bariatric surgeons, in Ormond Beach. These are the types of surgeons who specialize in this kind of surgery you are considering and have the most experience.  

Oct 27

Weight Loss Surgery Options

If you are considering stomach surgery for weight loss, you will need to first speak to your physician to learn if you are a good candidate. Your doctor in Tallahassee can discuss your options with you and perhaps offer references. 

Oct 24

Surgery for Weight Loss


Embed from Getty Images Bariatric surgery, better known as weight loss surgery, is a surgical specialty. Surgeons who specialize in this field take extra years of training to learn the skills necessary. Dr. Birkedal is highly regarded in this field throughout Daytona Beach.

Oct 22

Enjoying the Results

Seeing lap band before and after photographs can sometimes be inspiring in Daytona Beach Shores. The difference a healthy weight can make in a person’s appearance can be striking. Call Dr. Birkedal at (386) 231-3530 305 to learn how gastric sleeve surgery can change your appearance, too.

Oct 20

Side Effects of Lap Band Surgery

Although there aren’t that many unpleasant lap band side effects, there are a few. Aside from surgical side effects, after surgery, the main problems are nausea and vomiting caused by over eating. For the best information, call Dr. Birkedal’s office from your home in Lakeland and make an appointment for a consultation.

Oct 17

Silicone Gastric Banding

Silicone gastric banding is essentially the same thing as the lap band. A silicone-banding device is used to constrict the amount of food that can pass into the stomach at any one time. The device can also be adjusted by the addition or subtraction of saline solution by a qualified physician in St. Petersburg or …

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Oct 15

Achieving Safe Weight Loss

Healthy eating

Although most see surgery for weight loss as a last resort in Port Orange, it can be a way to achieve safe weight loss when monitored by a physician. When obesity is combined with other health issues, weight loss surgery may be the best way to achieve desired results in a timelier fashion.

Oct 13

Lap-Band Pre-Op Diet

When you are considering lap band surgery, your surgeon will discuss with you all the preparations you need to make prior to your surgery in Lake Mary. One of these will be a lap band pre-op diet that will ready your digestive system for the changes to come.

Oct 10

Now Done the Easy Way

Gallbladder removal

Gallbladder surgery used to require a large abdominal incision. Now, with minimally invasive surgery, all that is needed is one or two small incisions to remove the gallbladder. This makes for much less pain, scaring, and hospital time in Gainesville.

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