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Nov 28

Revisional Bariatric Surgery

To begin this article on revisional bariatric surgery, it may be best to put down some definitions. “Bariatric surgery” is also often referred to as “weight loss surgery,” which can take many forms. Weight loss surgery can range from the comparatively simple and reversible lap band surgery, which involves placing an adjustable and removable band …

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Nov 26

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dr. Birkedal and all of his staff want to thank all of our weight loss operation and all other patients as well for their trust and allowing them to serve your health care needs in Ormond Beach. We wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving filled with all the wonderful things for which you …

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Nov 24

Possible Side Effects of Lap Band Surgery

Although lap band side effects after surgery are not generally life threatening, they can be troublesome. Pain, nausea, acid reflux, heartburn, vomiting, stomach ulcer, gastritis, bloating, trouble swallowing, diarrhea, constipation and dehydration, are the most common. Talk to your doctor in Leesburg if you experience any of these.

Nov 21

Eating After Weight Loss Surgery

Whatever kind of weight loss surgery you have, you will be required to follow a strict surgical diet for a time after the surgery in Pine Hills. Your body, especially your digestive system, needs time to heal and adjust to its new circumstances.

Nov 19

Psychological Aspects of Bariatric Surgery

This article means to discuss the psychological side of bariatric surgery, but it may be important to understand some surgical terms before we proceed. The term “bariatric surgery,” also referred to as weight loss surgery, includes a number of procedures that aim at reducing a patient’s weight, generally through one (or, in extreme cases, both) …

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Nov 17

Easy Hernia Surgery

Although all surgery carries risk, having hernia surgery is much easier and safer than it used to be because of the advancements in laparoscopic surgery. Now, a hernia can be repaired in Kissimmee with just a few small incisions, minimal pain and scaring, and little hospital time.

Nov 14

Bariatric Surgery Costs Vary

Asking about the cost of weight loss surgery can provide some confusing answers. Cost for this surgery often depends on where the surgery is done; larger cities such as Orlando will often cost less, while smaller cities with fewer weight loss facilities will cost more.

Nov 10

Second Opinion on Bariatric Surgery

While many people consider bariatric surgery, that is, surgery for weight loss, to be cosmetic, the fact of the matter is that many of the patients who consider or undergo bariatric surgery do so at the suggestion of a doctor. In most cases in which a doctor recommends bariatric surgery it is because the patient …

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Nov 10

Honoring Our Veterans

Dr. Birkedal and all of the bariatric surgery staff at his offices in Daytona Beach want to wish the best of Veterans Days to all of America. We honor you and humbly thank you for your sacrifices in protecting America’s freedoms. God bless you, and God bless America.

Nov 07

 The Curse of Being Overweight

People who have never had a weight problem don’t understand how hard it is to be overweight and how powerless you can feel over it. Talking to your doctor in Lakeland about a weight loss procedure might give you some hope for facing the future in a slimmer you.

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