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Dec 31

Happy New Year!

Dr. Birkedal and his bariatric surgery staff in Ormond Beach want to wish all of their patients and their families the very best of New Year celebrations. Have a wonderful and safe New Year!

Dec 29

Avoiding Gallbladder Surgery

Sometimes it may be unavoidable, but following your doctor’s recommendations will help you avoid gallbladder surgery, at least for a while. Avoiding fatty foods and fried foods can help to avoid gallbladder attacks. Consult with your doctor in Flagler Beach for best results.

Dec 26

Removing Lymph Nodes

Lymphedema surgery is often necessary in the case of cancer or if the lymph nodes become blocked, creating painful swelling. Specialty garments may be available in Pine Hills to help circulation in the place of missing lymph nodes.

Dec 24

Merry Christmas!

Dr. Christian Birkedal and all of his weight loss surgery staff in Ormond Beach want to wish everyone the very best of holiday celebrations. Our office will be closed today through Friday, and reopen on Monday. May you all have a very blessed, Merry Christmas.

Dec 22

Know the Risks of Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery risks carry the same risks as any other invasive surgery, the foremost being infection. Following your doctor’s instructions in Brandon will go a long way toward avoiding infection and other complications. Talk to your doctor ahead of time so you know what to expect.

Dec 19

Choosing a Lap Band

There are several types of lap bands on the market. Your surgeon may offer you different brands, but they will most likely have a brand that they prefer. Talk to your surgeon in Winter Springs about your options and why he would choose one brand over another.

Dec 17

Achieving Your Weight Loss Goal

If you are contemplating lap band surgery for achieving your weight loss goal, you should remember that once you reach your goal, you would need to have lap band removal surgery. Talk to your doctor in Orlando about your options.

Dec 15

Contemplating the Gastric Sleeve

The weight loss surgery of the gastric sleeve, is an effective method of limiting the amount of food that can be eaten at one time. It is generally considered just as effective as gastric bypass but is a less invasive surgery for those living in Bevard Lake.

Dec 12

Making the Decision

While there are several surgical procedures for weight loss available, not all work well for everyone. Talk with your doctor about the different procedures in Sanford and together you can find the right one for you.

Dec 10

Paying for Weight Loss Surgery

If you have been recommended for weight loss surgery, you may be concerned about the cost. Surgical financing may be available from lending institutions and a large portion may be paid for by your medial insurance in Ormond Beach.

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