Monthly Archive: January 2015

Jan 30

Questions About Lap Band Surgery

If you are considering lap band surgery in Altamonte Springs and have questions, you should first talk to your primary care doctor. A quick lap band FAQ session can help you decide if it is something you both believe will be right for you.

Jan 28

What is a Hernia?

A hernia takes place when a portion of an organ, usually the intestines, breaks through a weak spot in the surrounding tissue. This can cause pain and strangulation of the intestines. Hernia surgery is required to repair the tear and put everything back where it belongs. Talk to your doctor in Bradenton today if you …

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Jan 26

Learning About Gastric Sleeve Surgery

gastric sleeve surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery removes a portion of your stomach, leaving a “sleeve shaped” stomach behind. This limits the amount of food you can eat, but retains your ability to absorb important nutrients from your food. Contact a qualified bariatric surgeon in Sarasota today to learn more.

Jan 23

Do You Have Varicose Veins?

If you have varicose veins, you might also think about asking about deep vein thrombosis treatment. The two can often appear together and pain from one might mask the pain of the other. Have your doctor in Winter Springs check for both, just to be safe.

Jan 21

Get a Bariatric Surgeon for Weight Loss Surgery

A general surgeon can be great for most surgeries, such as appendectomies, but for weight loss procedures, make sure you go with a surgeon in Flagler County who is experienced. Experience always provides the best results and you will get better care from someone who is practiced in the field.

Jan 19

Your Weight Loss Surgeon

Getting in shape

Dr. Birkedal is an experienced, well-respected bariatric surgeon located in Ormond Beach. If you are considering weight reduction surgery, set up an appointment and learn how it can change your life for the better, call 386 231-3530 today.

Jan 16

Making Good Choices in Your Life to Help Avoid Weight Gain

It is estimated that an average of two-thirds of the American population suffers from overweight and related issues. This statistic is worrying as most people are welcoming weight gain as the new normal with an average American weighing 23 pounds more than what their body should be carrying. Instead of focusing on the real threat, …

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Jan 14

Make Lap Band Surgery Your Top New Year’s Resolution

weight loss surgery

After a merry December holiday period, it is that time of the year again to make plans for the approaching year. New Year resolutions are common; everyone wants to make a particular change in their lives and what other perfect time to do so other than the beginning of the year? Weight loss is one …

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Jan 12

The Obesity Epidemic

As Americans continue to eat unhealthy, a weight loss operation often appears to be an easy remedy. However, it is not. Any operation carries risk and finding non-invasive solutions are always the better course. Consult with your doctor in Daytona Beach for healthier weight loss options.

Jan 09

Achieving Safe Weight Loss

When you want to loose weight it is important that you achieve a safe weight loss and make sure that you obtain all the nutrients your body needs to remain healthy. Talk to your health care professionals in Port Orange for help with loosing weight safely.

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