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Feb 27

Get That Hernia Fixed

If your doctor has diagnosed you with a hiatal hernia but you have put off having it fixed because it doesn’t bother you, think again. Serious damage may be going on inside your body that you are not aware of. Hiatal hernia surgery is a routine surgery that can usually be done laparoscopically with very …

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Feb 25

Deciding on Gastric Sleeve Surgery

When going over the options for weight loss surgery the gastric sleeve option is somewhere between the simpler lap band and the complicated gastric bypass. If you like middle of the road solutions, and not having to take dietary supplements for the rest of your life, gastric sleeve may be the way to go in …

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Feb 23

Is Bariatric Surgery for You?

bariatric surgery

Bariatric surgery may seem the magical cure for obesity, but there is no magic involved. It is a serious surgery and it involves a lot of work afterward. Have a long discussion with your doctor in Brandon if you are seriously considering this for your overweight problem.

Feb 20

Weight Loss Surgery Cost

One of the most frequents questions that we get is about the cost of weight loss surgery. The truth is that there isn’t one answer that covers all circumstances. It often depends on where you live and how often the procedure is done where you are. To get specifics for those living near Daytona, it …

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Feb 18

What is the Lap Band?

lap band

The Lap-Band® is actually a trademark-registered brand of silicone gastric banding. A lap band is a circular, adjustable apparatus that is placed around a top portion of the stomach to restrict the intake of food. There are other brands on the market and your bariatric surgeon in South Daytona probably has a favorite. When you …

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Feb 16

Minimally Invasive Surgery Methods

Laparoscopic surgery has been a great breakthrough in the field of medicine. Although it may be harder for surgeons to use this method, the benefits to the patient in Ormond Beach are many. Little scaring, less pain and shorter healing time are the main benefits.

Feb 13

Teaching Your Kids to Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Being a parent defines a responsibility that stretches further than just being the adult provider in the house. It is more of a role-model-like relationship, where your kids have you as their main role model. This is a massive responsibility since there are dozens of things that your kids need to know and if you …

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Feb 11

Benefits of a Healthy Life in Comparison to the Sacrifice Involved

With so much junk food around us, living a healthy life can be quite a hurdle that we must all overcome. A measure of the benefits against the sacrifice involved in having healthy eating habits prove that the hurdles are worth the effort. Here, we shall look at some of the major benefits that come …

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Feb 09

The Safest Weight Loss Strategy

Although many people today are looking to surgery to solve their weight problems, it isn’t necessarily the safest way to loose weight. Surgery always involves risk and it is a last resort solution in Orlando. Safe weight loss takes place through nutritious eating, adequate calorie intake and exercise.

Feb 06

Options in Weight Loss Surgery

There are several options for loosing weight. If you want to loose weight quickly, there are surgical procedures for weight loss that will help you. These are serious procedures and all other options should be considered as well. Talk with your doctor in Flagler Beach to learn more about the alternatives available.

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