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Feb 27

Is Yoga effective for weight loss?

Many forms of therapy can be of use in controlling your weight. Read about an approach you may not have considered in YOGA and WEIGHT CONTROL.

Feb 24

Be sure to read our monthly Newsletter

Dr. Birkedal produces a monthly newsletter covering a variety of topics related to surgical procedures, weight-loss surgery, and other health-related topics. Start reading this valuable resource by clicking on JANUARY NEWSLETTER.

Feb 22

Do I need thyroid surgery?

Your thyroid gland plays a key role in maintaining hormonal balance. Some thyroid conditions call for surgical intervention. Follow this link to read about THYROID SURGERY.

Feb 20

Binge eating can lead to serious problems

‘Binge Eating’ is not the same as the occasional over indulgences that we all have. It is a medical condition that can lead to serious complications and it must be controlled, even in patients who are having weight-loss surgery. Discover why by reading the blog titled, “The Importance of Treating Binge Eating Before Bariatric Surgery.”

Feb 17

How can I take care of my spider veins

Do you know about sclerotherapy for eliminating ‘spider veins’? Follow this link to find out about spider vein removal with SCLEROTHERAPY.

Feb 15

Considering weight-loss surgery?

If you have been considering weight-loss surgery, but are put off by fear of the procedure, your concern is very likely misplaced. Laparoscopic techniques have made many surgical procedures safer and less invasive. See how by clicking LAPROSCOPIC WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY.

Feb 14

What is the Body Mass Index?

Patients considering weight-loss surgery or a supervised diet program in a bariatric clinic have almost certainly heard the term “Body Mass Index” or “BMI”. The body mass index is a very important indicator in a patient’s overall health and should be correctly understood. Simply put, the body mass index is a measure of how much …

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Feb 13

Obesity and mental health

What is the relationship between obesity and mental health? The relationship is complex but conditions such as anxiety or depression can contribute to overeating and weight gain. Read about it in the blog titled, “Obesity and Mental Health.”

Feb 11

Insurance Coverage and Getting Approved for Weight-Loss Surgery

One of the most common questions a surgeon gets is, “Is it covered by insurance?” This is a major concern to people who are considering bariatric surgery (weight-loss surgery). Insurance companies often require that relatively high standards be met before agreeing to cover bariatric surgery cost. A conclusive answer to this question can be found …

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Feb 10

How do hormones affect exercise and weight loss?

Different forms of exercise stimulate specific hormones. Read about the hormonal response to weight training and its effect on weight Loss by clicking HERE.

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