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May 31

Insurance accepted by Dr. Birkedal’s offices

Are you covered by Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Humana, Aetna, Medicare or Medicaid? Find a complete list of insurance policies accepted by Dr. Birkedal’s offices by clicking on Insurance Coverage.

May 29

What is Sclerotherapy?

The condition known as ‘spider veins’ is a cosmetic annoyance to many people. The red, blue or purple veins are visible on the surface of skin, presenting an unattractive picture. Sclerotherapy is an efficient, proven treatment that will remove spider veins permanently. Find out about this therapy by reading Sclerotherapy for Spider Veins.

May 26

Have safe and wonderful Memorial Day!

memorial day

From Dr. Birkedal and Staff, have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day. We will always Remember!

May 26

The Causes and Treatment of a Fatty Liver

Have you been diagnosed with a Fatty Liver? The term sounds a little odd to many people, but fatty liver is a common result of alcoholism or over eating. Odd sounding though it may be, fatty liver has serious medical implications and should be treated. Read more at What are the Causes and Treatment of …

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May 24

What to expect the day of surgery and the day after

Do you know what to expect the day of your surgery and in the recovery room? Or do you need post-surgery instructions? You can find it all at Day of Surgery & After Surgery Advice.

May 22

How to deal with Inguinal hernias

Hernia repair is one of the most common surgical operations performed in the United States. Inguinal hernias may not be life-threatening, but they can present serious medical problems and should be repaired. Dealing With Inguinal Hernias can help you understand this better.

May 18

Practical Ways to Control Eating

healthy weight loss

Weight-loss surgery is an effective therapy for losing excess weight. Procedures like the gastric bypass and the gastric sleeve have made bariatric surgery a practical choice for thousands of medically obese patients. However, all physicians (including bariatric surgeons) agree that halting the development of medical obesity early would be the better option. The internet and …

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May 17

What is Binge Eating Disorder

There is no doubt that bariatric surgery can produce a dramatic loss of excess weight. However, surgery is only part of the solution to the problem of medical obesity. Binge Eating Disorder or ‘BED’ occurs frequently in patients who are medically obese. Click on The Importance of Treating Binge Eating Before Bariatric Surgery to see …

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May 15

Check us out on Pinterest

Our practice now has a beautiful page on You can view some very informative information by clicking Dr. Birkedal On Pinterest.

May 12

Follow Dr. Birkedal on social media

Follow our practice on social media. On GOOGLE+ as well as on FACEBOOK, Dr. Birkedal strives to provide patients and the general public with information that is useful, relevant and up-to-date. Click either of the links to see the social media pages for his practice.

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