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Jun 30

Read about “Mindful Eating”

Have you ever heard of “Mindful Eating?” Click the link to Dr. Birkedal’s May Newsletter and read about it.

Jun 28

Choosing a surgeon

Modern surgery is the result of years of accumulated study, invention and innovation. But how do you go about choosing a surgeon? What should you look for? Think about this and then read “How to Choose a Surgeon.”

Jun 26

Can drinking beer affect your weight?

Small choices add up to big consequences. Suppose you had the habit of drinking 1 pint of beer every day. That hardly makes you an alcoholic, but it does affect your weight. Guess how many calories there are in a-pint-a-day year. Read, “If you drank a pint of regular beer each day for a year.”

Jun 23

Can a pill help you lose weight?

Can a pill help you lose weight? Yes and no. Some drugs are indicated for weight loss, but all of them have fallen far short of ideal! Take these pills with a glass of water and a grain of salt (skepticism). Click HERE.

Jun 21

Yoga can help with weight loss

Did you know that yoga exercise can help you to lose weight? Yes, it can! Read about Yoga and Weight Loss by clicking on the link.

Jun 19

Will my insurance cover my weight-loss surgery?

Might insurance pay for weight-loss surgery? It depends on your current medical condition, your past history, the presence of coexisting conditions such as diabetes and your insurance carrier. You can discuss this with Dr. Birkedal’s staff and find out what insurance plans are accepted. Just click on INSURANCE PLANS.

Jun 18

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there from Dr. Birkedal and Staff.

Jun 16

What can I expect to pay for weight-loss surgery?

What is the Cost of Weight-Loss Surgery? Find out where you can discuss the possible options by clicking HERE.

Jun 14

What happens after weight-loss surgery?

Bariatric surgery is a serious procedure, not to be undertaken without careful consideration. But have you thought about the post-surgery period?  Read about, “What to Expect After Weight-Loss Surgery” by clicking the link.

Jun 13

Healthy Eating While on Vacation

Past articles on our website have addressed the problem of healthy eating during holidays. The good news was that most people overestimate the average amount of weight gained in the holiday season; the bad news is that this weight gain is typically not reversed in the months following the holidays. Instead, it accumulates, and these …

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