Monthly Archive: August 2017

Aug 28

Varicose and Spider Veins

Varicose veins and spider veins often present cosmetic concerns and can sometimes be a medical concern.  Varicose veins are usually seen in the legs; they are swollen blood vessels that are raised, and can be seen through the skin, appearing to twist and turn. “Spider veins” are so-named because they resemble a web consisting of …

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Aug 21

More Statistics about Bariatric Surgery Today

Like all fields of medicine, bariatric surgery changes with time. The types of weight loss surgery procedures performed most commonly today are quite different from those of just a few years ago. The best source for statistics on bariatric surgery is the ASMBS, the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery.  That professional organization reports …

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Aug 18

Thyroid Surgery as a Laparoscopic Procedure

Thyroid surgery is undergoing rapid change. Modern, minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery techniques are making thyroid surgery much easier on the patient, resulting in less pain, and far less scarring. As with other laparoscopic surgery procedures, the laparoscope has made it possible to achieve results that are as effective as conventional surgery without many of the …

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Aug 14

Statistics Tell the Bariatric Surgery Story

Evidence supporting the benefits of bariatric surgery in appropriate patients has been accumulating for years. As long ago as 2004, the Annals of Surgery published a large study that demonstrated the significant reductions in death rates and treatment costs that could be produced by weight-loss surgery procedures. That study looked at a total of 6,781 …

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Aug 09

“Comorbidities,” the Consequences of Obesity

Often, young people think of obesity and its consequences in terms of appearance, social acceptability, body image and fashion. To a person in their mid-twenties, not looking good on the beach may seem more important than an increased risk of heart disease. However, as people begin to age, the reality of obesity’s comorbidities will seem …

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Aug 07

Avoiding processed foods is important in healthy weight loss

A lot is written and said about the bad effects of eating too much processed food (sometimes called ‘junk’ food). Many health care professionals are at a loss to explain why this well-intentioned advice does not sink in. One reason may be that, too often, diet information is presented in an obscure language of ‘nutrition …

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