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Apr 30

Medicare and Weight Loss Surgery

Medicare patients are an important part of many doctors’ practice. This is especially true in the Daytona-Volusia, Florida east coast area, home to a high concentration of senior residents. Our office accepts Medicare and Medicaid insurance, and weight loss surgery (bariatric surgery) is covered under these plans when certain requirements are met. Medicare coverage for …

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Apr 27

Improve your chances for insurance coverage

Getting your medical insurance to cover weight loss surgery is not a “slam dunk,” no matter which coverage you have. Each insurance organization has its own procedures and requirements, but there are some things you can do to make approval more likely. To find out more, read, “Improving Your Coverage Odds.”

Apr 26

The April Newsletter is Out!

Check out the lates Newsletter from Dr. Birkedal.

Apr 25

See if we accept your insurance

Our office works with many, many health insurance organizations. We accept Medicare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, Adventist Health Systems, United Healthcare, Secure Horizons and others. Click Insurance to see a complete list. If you need more information, you can contact us by using this link- Contact Dr Birkedal or phone us at (386) 231-3530.

Apr 23

Digesting Some Anatomy

Doctors sometime talk to patients using expressions that just do not come across. Terms like”duodenum,” “ileum” or “sleeve gastronomy” can confuse and discourage a patient. Still, when a patient is considering bariatric surgery or even actively trying to select a weight loss surgeon, it is extremely important that they have some basic knowledge about what …

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Apr 20

Weight loss surgery vs bariatric surgery vs metabolic surgery

What is the difference between “Weight Loss Surgery,” “Bariatric Surgery” and “Metabolic Surgery”? Or in many cases are they the same thing? Read our March 2018 Newsletter to find out about these procedures.

Apr 18

Follow us on social media

We understand the importance of social media in reaching, informing and educating the public. Modern medical procedures like weight loss surgery performed as a laparoscopic procedure will be of little value if the public does not know about and understand them. Click on one of the links below to see our social media outreach. Facebook …

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Apr 16

Eating behavior causes obesity

What is your worst eating habit? Is it nibbling at midnight, skipping breakfast, eating at stoplights, super-sizing your lunch? Or, maybe, you can’t think of one. For many people, the last choice is probably the most honest, because they never really think about their eating habits. They could not tell you what they had to …

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Apr 13

Check out our newsletter

One way to stay in contact with patients is a newsletter. Our practice publishes a monthly letter with news, informative articles and health information. Read the latest edition by clicking March Newsletter or Subscribe Here.


Video – Bariatric surgery can actually prevent diabetes

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