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May 30

Doctors Are Afraid of Bugs

Well, not those household bugs we see in Florida. However, we are very concerned about certain types of “bugs” that are becoming more common in hospitals and even in the general environment. You may have read or heard about “antibiotic resistance” on broadcasts like 60 Minutes or Frontline. The national press, the New York Times, …

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May 28

Remembering Our Heroes

Memorial Day

Like most practices in the state of Florida, ours includes a good number of military veterans, their families and also their survivors. We are thankful for these fine people and for the sacrifices they have made for us and our nation. Right here in Daytona and the Volusia-Flagler area, there are thousands of veterans who …

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May 25

Vacation weight

School is almost out! That means that many families will be heading out on vacation sometime in the next few months. Vacation is one of the times during the year when many people let their diet slip. A University of Georgia study found that the average adult gained just under one pound when on vacation. …

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May 23

What is gastric bypass?

The term, “gastric bypass,” is very self-descriptive. The gastric bypass is a type of bariatric surgery that literally bypasses part of the digestive system. But what does “gastric sleeve” surgery mean? It refers to a surgical procedure that reshapes the stomach to resemble a tube or a “gastric sleeve.” Read about these two common bariatric …

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May 22

The May Newsletter is now available

You can read our May Newsletter here.

May 22

Pancreatic Surgery

The pancreas is an important organ in both the digestive and the endocrine system. Because of its location, the fact that it shares a blood supply with other organs and the important functions it performs, surgery on the pancreas is among the more difficult and exacting procedures surgeons execute. Every effort is made to preserve …

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May 21

Calorie content required on restaurant menus

Two weeks ago, on May 7, a new nationwide regulation came into effect requiring restaurants with more than 20 outlets to post the caloric content of food items on their menus. This regulation had actually been a part of the Affordable Care Act, passed in 2010, but its implementation had been delayed several times. Prior …

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May 18

Are you considered medically obese?

Is obesity becoming more common? What percentage of America’s population qualifies as medically obese? Read the bottom line facts by clicking HERE.

May 17

What Does Your Pancreas Do?

The pancreas is one of several organs that reside in the abdominal cavity (others include the stomach, liver, gallbladder, spleen, small and large intestines and the kidneys). The human pancreas is located in the upper left part of the cavity, behind the stomach. Like several of the organs in your digestive system, the pancreas does …

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May 16

Monthly Bariatric Support Group Meeting Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the 3rd Thursday in May and the Monthly Bariatric Support Group Meeting will be held in Dr. Birkedal’s office at Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center. The Monthly Bariatric Support Group meets on each month’s 3rd Thursday. For information, please call our office at (386) 231-3530. For directions to Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center, …

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