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Jun 29

Do you want to be a doctor?

Young people make great sacrifices to become doctors. Besides the years of study, hard work and countless hours of residency, most young doctors accumulate a considerable amount of debt while in med school.  How much do you think the average new M.D. or D.O. owes when they graduate from four years of undergraduate work and …

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Jun 28

The June Newsletter is out!

Check out the latest newsletter here.

Jun 28

Lap Band Removal or Revision Surgery

Although the number of bariatric surgery procedures done in the United States has grown steadily over the past two decades, the frequency of the lap band procedure has declined. For new weight loss surgery patients, there are better options available (specifically, gastric sleeve or the gastric bypass). Lap band removal or lap band revision may …

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Jun 27

Dealing with weight issues

In most cases, people do not gain a huge amount of weight over a short time. It’s the 3, 4, or 5 pounds a year that adds up over a decade to 30 to 50 pounds. That comes with those small decisions made every day. The good news is that making a few small changes …

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Jun 25


The thyroid gland, a structure located directly behind and on either side of the “Adam’s apple,” is an important part of the endocrine system. It consists of two lobes, connected by a ‘bridge’ or isthmus. Along with the pituitary and other endocrine glands, the thyroid secretes hormones, “chemical messengers” that regulate many body functions. There …

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Jun 22

Will I gain my weight back after bariatric surgery?

“Most people who have metabolic and bariatric surgery regain their weight!” You might have heard this said, but is it actually true? Does the dramatic weight loss seen after bariatric surgery last, or will the excess weight return in coming years? Find out the facts by reading, “Misconceptions About Bariatric Surgery.”

Jun 20

Fighting diabetes

insulin shot for diabetes

There is no vaccine to prevent diabetes, but there are medical procedures that can stop its progress and even reverse it. View this brief video presentation to find out how bariatric surgery can help end one of the most important threats to health. Click on Diabetes and Bariatric Surgery to learn more,

Jun 18

Walking For Wellness

“The Best Things in Life Are Free,” or so goes the familiar old saying. This may not always be true, but when it comes to fitness, weight control and your general health, the habit of a daily walk fits the description for most people. This subject may seem a little far afield for a general …

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Jun 17

Happy Father’s Day

Father's Day

Dr. Birkedal and Staff would like to wish all the fathers a sincere Happy Father’s Day.

Jun 15

Communication is key

Doctor-patient communication is critical to good health care. We understand this and try hard to maintain excellent communication through several means. Please take a look at- Our Newsletter Our Website Our Facebook and Google+ Pages Our Blog

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