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Jul 30

Avoiding Radiation Therapy after Breast Cancer Surgery

Modern laparoscopic surgery techniques have made surgical breast cancer treatment a far more acceptable choice for thousands of women. Because of this and other advances in breast cancer treatment, the prognosis for women with breast cancer has improved dramatically. A vital key to this progress is the early detection and prompt treatment of breast cancer. …

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Jul 27

Is bariatric surgery covered?

One of the reasons people give for not considering bariatric surgery is the belief that weight loss surgery will not be covered by their insurance policy. This may or may not be true; it may depend on a number of factors like body mass index, other medical problems (comorbidities) and the details of your medical …

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Jul 25

What if a senior needs surgery?

The Daytona-Volusia-Flagler areas are blessed to have a vibrant and thriving population of senior residents. They contribute to our community’s economy and to its civic and cultural life. Most are blessed to live healthy lives into their 70’s, 80’s even 90’s. But what if a senior needs surgery? What are some special factors involved when …

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Jul 23

Surgical Infection

For hundreds of years, the threat of infection hung over surgeons and their patients. No matter how skilled the surgeon, many operations resulted in an infection that often proved fatal. When you consider the conditions under which early surgeons worked, this result should not be surprising. It was only in the late 1860’s that Joseph …

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Jul 20

Take a look at our Surgical Videos

You can learn more about surgery you are considering by viewing the video presentations on our website. Find out about minimally invasive procedures (laparoscopic surgery) for breast surgery, gallbladder surgery, bariatric surgery and others. Take a look at Surgical Videos on our website.

Jul 18

Why do you have an appendix?

They say that Mother Nature never wastes anything. If that is true, what does your appendix do? Find out by reading just that, “What Does Your Appendix Do?”

Jul 17

Breast Cancer Treatment, Early Detection and IORT

Treatment for breast cancer has routinely involved surgery followed by a period of radiation therapy. The follow-up radiation is intended to reduce the likelihood that breast cancer will develop again in the affected breast. Many studies have confirmed that radiation breast cancer treatment does indeed lower the chance of breast cancer returning, improving the long-term …

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Jul 16

Obesity and Life Expectancy

Earlier this year, this website reported on CDC statistics that showed a decline in the average life expectancy of Americans for the second year in a row. Two consecutive yearly declines had not been recorded since the 1960’s. Late in May, the Centers for Disease Control issued preliminary data for the calendar year 2017, and …

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Jul 13

Change your behavior, change your luck

Today is “Friday, the Thirteenth,” the day we fear bad luck. The truth is that luck does play an important part in life, but a lot of bad luck stems from our own behavior. The good news is that we can change this behavior (if we try). Here are some good luck behaviors- Healthy Eating …

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Jul 10

Obesity and Medical Costs

There is a good deal of discussion today about the cost of medical care. How much we spend on medical care, who pays for it and how it is allocated are all common topics in government, the media and among the public. In 2016, U.S. health care spending reached $3.3 trillion, or about $10,348 per …

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