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Sep 21

Surgery and seniors

The state of Florida, especially the Volusia-Flagler and Central Florida Regions are blessed with a senior population that contributes greatly to our culture, our economy and our lifestyle.  This population has a special set of medical needs that must be met with understanding and professional skill. Some seniors are fearful of any type of surgery, …

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Sep 19

Surgical services

General surgeons are often involved in many different areas of surgery. Although our practice concentrates on bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery), we also do procedures like minimally-invasive breast surgery, thyroid surgery, hernia surgery and wound care. Take a look at our Surgical Services page to see more and then call our office at (386) 210-9794 …

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Sep 18

The September Newsletter is Out!

Check out Dr. Birkedal’s newsletter for September 2018.

Sep 17

Fiber is Your Friend

Doctor’s advice is often viewed as a list of “Do Nots.” Do not eat too much fat or sugar, do not drink too much alcohol and do not use tobacco. Positive advice sometimes goes down much better, and “Do eat more fiber” is a good place to start.  Fiber is your friend in many different …

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Sep 14

Do you have any idea how much sugar Americans eat?

Most people know that they consume more refined sugar than they should, but do you have any idea how much sugar Americans eat? Actually, the consumption of sugar peaked in the year 2000 and has dropped, but not to an acceptable level. Would you believe that the peak consumption was 149 pounds per person? Look …

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Sep 12

Insurance coverage is a major concern to many patients

Our office works with many different insurance companies to bring affordable medical care to this community. Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Humana Healthcare, Medicare and United Healthcare are just a few of the well-known policies we accept. You can see a complete list by clicking Insurance Coverage. For further information, you can contact us by using Contact …

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Sep 11

We will always remember

Remember 9/11

Today is the anniversary of September 11. We pay tribute to the people who gave their lives in the terrorist attacks and to those who died trying to help them. Take a moment today to pray for them and their families.

Sep 10

The Facts About Carbohydrates

Modern advertising has given the public a lot of conflicting information about carbohydrates, or carbs. Certainly, low-carbohydrate diets are effective for weight loss, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that eating carbohydrates makes you fat. While some types of high-carbohydrate foods are nutritious, even helpful for maintaining a healthy weight, others are harmful in many ways. …

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Sep 07

Learn more about IORT

Treatment for breast cancer has made great advances in the past decade. This includes both the surgery itself and the follow-up radiation treatment. In fact, it is often possible to avoid the weeks of radiation therapy by using IORT. Find out about this advance by clicking, IORT. If you need more information about IORT, please …

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Sep 06

What is a Normal Sugar Intake?

nutrition label

Is there a “normal” daily requirement for sugar? Most people have glanced at a nutrition label from time to time, checking to see how many calories, how much protein and so on there is in the food they eat. Besides the entries for protein, fat, total carbohydrates and other nutrients, there is a listing for …

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