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Apr 29

More Good News about Weight Loss Surgery!

Our articles have often pointed out the proven value of bariatric surgery in reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes and other obesity–related medical conditions. These results are now well accepted by the medical profession, the NIH and medical insurance carriers. Recently, news appeared that may add another important benefit to the gastric bypass or …

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Apr 28

Fad Diets

Today’s press, television and internet sites are full of information about “miracle diets,” “new diet discoveries” and even “fat-burner pills.” Much of this information is misleading or just plain false, intended to sell some supplement, device or book. The medical professionals in bariatric clinics and weight loss surgeons are likely to hear about these new …

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Apr 26

The “I Word”

One of the most important words in any medical practice is, “Insurance” (that is the “I Word”). Dealing with insurance, insurance coverage and policy requirements has become a specialty. Our office staff has the professional knowledge and skill to assist patients in navigating the insurance system. If you need help with these important matters, please …

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Apr 24

Prime Time

Television is entertaining (sometimes), but it is also a reflection of trends in our modern world. This is true of both the contents of shows themselves and the advertisements that fill a lot of broadcast time. Most people who watch TV will recognize names like “Trulicity,” “Lyrica” or “Jardiance,” and they will have some vague …

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Apr 19

We Hear You!

Media and communication experts tell us that social media is more and more important in reaching out to people. Business Intelligence Magazine recently reported that Facebook and Instagram were the number 1 and 2 most common apps on smart phones, mobile devices and many computers. In many cases, a Facebook page is more important to …

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Apr 17

“First in War, First in Peace…”

That famous quote came from a eulogy written about George Washington. It has been applied to many of the good people and good qualities of Americans in general, but we are also first in some other things. In which of these categories do you think Americans lead the world? Number of books read each year …

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Apr 15

How much do you know about hernias?

Here is a pop quiz: True or False. Both men and women can get a hernia. True or False. Hernia surgery is the only permanent remedy for this condition. A hernia does not get better over time, and it will not go away by itself. True or False. It is usually easy to recognize a …

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Apr 12

As If We Did Not Know

Doctors are like all people; we like to read or hear about new evidence that supports our old beliefs.  Sometimes this is a bad thing, because it strengthens misconceptions or outright fallacies; at other times, it serves a good purpose. There was a great example of serving good purposes In the March Edition of the …

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Apr 10

The revolutionary laparoscope

The laparoscope has brought about a revolution in many surgical procedures. Operations that once required large incisions are now done through small “keyholes.”  Pain, scarring, infection risk and hospital recovery time have all been reduced.  For example, cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal surgery) once required an open incision in the patient’s abdomen and at least several days …

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Apr 08

The path to weight loss success

Many patients seeking bariatric surgery are depressed and skeptical about weight loss programs in general; often they have tried multiple diets that simply do not work.  While weight loss surgery may be the best (or the only) alternative open to some patients, our practice does not assume that this is true. Instead, we sit down …

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