Monthly Archive: June 2019

Jun 14

Take a walk

Every good doctor wants to encourage the concept of “wellness.”  Wellness is more than the absence of illness. It is an active process of making healthy choices about the way we live and care for ourselves and others. It means taking active measures to build and maintain good health. You can start this on your …

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Jun 12

Where Does Florida Rank?

If you tuned in Monday, you know that we promised to tell you where Florida ranked in the “Most Obese States” list. Our State comes in at number 35, meaning that 34 states are more obese than Florida! I guess that we can be relatively happy about this until we recall that, at 27% of …

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Jun 10

A Spreading Problem

Weight loss surgeons and physicians in bariatric clinics continue to fight against the epidemic of obesity and obesity-related diseases that is overtaking the United States. We have commented several times that if this trend is not contained soon, it will threaten the entire healthcare system of our nation. Here is what the latest CDC (Centers …

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Jun 07

Doctor-patient communication

There is more to being a good doctor or surgeon than technical skill. It is also important to communicate accurately and openly with patients. Doctor-patient communication is critical to good health care. We understand this and try hard to maintain excellent communication through several means. Please look at: Our Website Our Facebook Page Our Blog …

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Jun 05

Bariatric Support Group Meeting

If you are seriously overweight, please consider attending our Monthly Bariatric Support Group Meeting. This meeting is held on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 5 PM, located in Dr. Birkedal’s Office at 305 Memorial Medical Pkwy, #205 (the AdventHealth Medical Center). This month, the meeting will be Thursday June 20th. If you, a friend …

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Jun 03

Seniors and Surgery

No matter how skilled the surgeon and the hospital staff, the chance that surgery will result in complications increases with a patient’s age. In many situations, the increased chance of side effects in older patients is quite small and well worth the risk. In 2015, the National Institutes of Health (the NIH) published a study …

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