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Simple Tips to Help you Find the Right General Surgeon

1280px-US_Navy_020719-N-2781V-005_USS_Washington_-_oral_surgeonSurgery is a procedure much more delicate than any other. Even in relatively easy operations, like bariatric surgery or laparoscopic surgery, a single apparently insignificant mistake may lead to fatal consequences. Thus, the general surgeon should be not only highly skilled in the process, but also vastly experienced. Here are a few simple tips to help you find the right one for the job.

After determining the type of surgery that you need to undergo, make a list of all the general surgeons practicing in around your home in Florida. Start off by checking each surgeon’s credentials. The board certification is a crucial factor while considering any doctor. The surgeon may have hands on experience with the surgery, but if their certification is not up to date, there is certainly a solid reason why they had been stripped of the titles. You can either knock on each general surgeon’s door manually requesting for their credibility for the operation, or check their websites for the required credentials. You may have knocked a couple or three names off your list by now.

Proceed to inquiring after each surgeon’s experience with the surgical operation in question. It may be that a surgeon would have extensive knowledge regarding the operation, but would not have performed that surgery in reality. Sound theoretical knowledge may not necessarily translate into a skillful surgery in practice. A comprehensive study conducted a few years ago suggested that the risk of complications incurred during a simple gastric bypass surgery reduces by 1% after every successful accomplishment of a surgeon. In this context, if a certain general surgeon is not at all experienced with the surgery, the percentage of complications arising would be the highest. Thus, take the surgeon’s experience into account before making a decision.

Pertaining to the level of experience, the factors of surgery success and failure rates should also be considered. You may not know the technicalities of the operation, but you can analyze whether or not the rate of failure remains more or less constant throughout. If it does, then probably the surgeon is making the same mistakes over and over1024px-US_Navy_060426-N-5174T-001_Cmdr._George_Linville,_ship's_surgeon,_and_Hospital_Corpsman_1st_Class_Cynthia_Donaldson_perform_a_surgery again. On the other hand, if you know how to critically analyze the performance of a surgeon, make sure that similar complications were not repeated during the numerous surgeries.

There is a simpler way of determining the aforementioned probability. If a general surgeon has had a spotless track record, then they will immediately provide the details of their past surgeries upon asking. If the surgeon refuses to disclose the details, then there might be something fishy about past operations. Remember that along with scrutinizing the past records of the surgery that you are about to undergo, you also need to check the surgeon’s records with the more critical operations. A simple thyroid surgery may fail miserably if the general surgeon has experienced dire complications during a cancer surgery.

Finally, it is not only the surgeon that matters, but also the nurses and attendants surrounding the surgeon. Several steady hands are involved in a successful operation rather than just one. Inquire about the professional backgrounds of the nurses and the sub-surgeons if any, implementing the same procedure detailed here. While it may not be prudent to suggest a surgeon to let go of one of their normal assistants, it doesn’t hurt to be doubly safe. Apart from skills, effective communication also plays a major role in any surgery. The general surgeon needs to be able to explain the surgery in terms that you can understand.

It is recommended that you do not skip any of the aforementioned tips in order to undergo a swift and a successful surgery. Your life is what hangs in the balance after all!

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