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Jul 13

Choosing the Best Therapy

Why do doctors choose the drugs they prescribe or the procedures they use (like laparoscopic surgery)? Why do you sometimes hear that medical experts have changed their minds about a therapy? You may have heard that a new review suggests that risk of a brain bleed outweighs any heart benefit that a daily low-dose aspirin …

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Jun 12

Where Does Florida Rank?

If you tuned in Monday, you know that we promised to tell you where Florida ranked in the “Most Obese States” list. Our State comes in at number 35, meaning that 34 states are more obese than Florida! I guess that we can be relatively happy about this until we recall that, at 27% of …

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Jun 10

A Spreading Problem

Weight loss surgeons and physicians in bariatric clinics continue to fight against the epidemic of obesity and obesity-related diseases that is overtaking the United States. We have commented several times that if this trend is not contained soon, it will threaten the entire healthcare system of our nation. Here is what the latest CDC (Centers …

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Apr 29

More Good News about Weight Loss Surgery!

Our articles have often pointed out the proven value of bariatric surgery in reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes and other obesity–related medical conditions. These results are now well accepted by the medical profession, the NIH and medical insurance carriers. Recently, news appeared that may add another important benefit to the gastric bypass or …

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Mar 04

Would you or a loved one benefit from bariatric surgery?

You may think that the strongest motivation for seeking bariatric surgery is the expected improvement in personal appearance. There is nothing wrong with this reasoning; the improvement in appearance can have definite medical, psychological and social benefits. However, to doctors, insurance companies and public health officials, there is a stronger incentive: saving money and lives. …

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Feb 11

Bariatric surgery misconceptions

Even though surgery for weight loss has become well accepted by professionals in academic medicine, public health and medical insurance, myths about bariatric surgery persist. Experts know that weight loss surgery has demonstrated effectiveness in reducing obesity-related disease. Insurance companies recognize that the cost of weight loss surgery is recovered by lowering future medical expenses, …

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Jan 25

Revision bariatric surgery

Most patients have heard terms like “bariatric surgery,” “weight loss surgery,” “gastric bypass surgery” or “gastric sleeve surgery.” Occasionally, they may come across the words, “revision surgery,” and wonder what the expression means. Revision surgery refers to any surgical procedure that is performed to reverse or correct a previous operation. Revision bariatric surgery is performed …

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Jan 11

Long-term durability of weight loss after bariatric surgery

Perhaps the most common misconception about weight loss surgery is that, “Most patients will regain the weight they lose after weight loss surgery over the years that follow.” Numerous studies have now demonstrated that this is not the case. The effectiveness of bariatric surgery in long-term weight control has been repeatedly confirmed. The medical profession …

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Dec 14

Insurance and Weight Loss Surgery

bariatric surgeryThere many misconceptions about bariatric surgery, including the mistaken idea that it is exclusively a cosmetic procedure. Because of that notion, patients may think that medical insurance will not pay for weight loss surgery. This is not the case; our office works with many, many health insurance organizations. We accept Medicare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, …

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Aug 27

Increased Taste Sensitivity after Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery procedures like the gastric sleeve and the gastric bypass are intended to produce significant and lasting weight loss in medically obese patients. The success of weight loss surgery in producing reductions in body mass index and body weight is an established fact. Bariatric surgery is unquestionably effective in producing and maintaining long-term weight …

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