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Jul 05

Insulin Prices Skyrocket

If you follow the news, you may have recently read or heard about the cost of insulin. Our blog is not about economics or politics, but physicians do have an interest in drug costs.  The doctor who discovered insulin refused to put his name on the patent, feeling that it would be unethical to profit …

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May 08

Politician Gets It (Almost) Right!

Last week, one of the many Democrats running for President made a startling (to many people) statement. In a town hall in New Hampshire, Congressman Tim Ryan commented that, “Half the country today has either diabetes or prediabetes.” Most people will write this off as political overkill, but the American Diabetes Association says that Congressman …

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Apr 24

Prime Time

Television is entertaining (sometimes), but it is also a reflection of trends in our modern world. This is true of both the contents of shows themselves and the advertisements that fill a lot of broadcast time. Most people who watch TV will recognize names like “Trulicity,” “Lyrica” or “Jardiance,” and they will have some vague …

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Jan 16

Reversing Prediabetes

Our website has written about the medical condition called “prediabetes.” This word sounds a little strange to some people. After all, there is no condition called “preflu” or “prearthritis,” so why is there a prediabetes? Many of the measurements that doctors use to evaluate a patient have a range that goes from low through normal, …

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Dec 19

Diabetic Neuropathy

Bariatric surgeons see a good many patients who are obese and also suffer from obesity-related conditions like heart disease or diabetes. In turn, these patients often develop problems related to those conditions. For diabetics, one of the most common results is “diabetic neuropathy” or “diabetic peripheral neuropathy.” Because diabetes damages the tiny blood vessels that …

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Nov 21

What Is A1C and Why Is It Important?

Last week we commented on the wave of television and other advertisements for diabetes medications. It is unlikely that you can watch TV for more than a few “prime-time” hours without seeing an ad for products like Jardiance, Lyrica, Toujeo, Trulicity, Farxiga or Lantus. These ads picture big, burly firemen at work and bike-riding seniors …

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Nov 16

What is the relationship between obesity and type-2diabetes?

Excess weight, physical inactivity and age are three of the major risk factors for type-2 diabetes. It is almost certainly true that the type-2 diabetes epidemic (as the CDC calls it) is due in large part to the growing prevalence of obesity, the lack of physical exercise and the increasing age of Americans. There is …

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Nov 14

Diabetes is Prime Time

If you have watched very much television in the past twelve to eighteen months, you have almost certainly seen dozens, perhaps hundreds, of commercials for prescription medicines intended to treat diabetes. Think back, and you will realize that diabetes has replaced male sexual dysfunction as one of television’s most common advertising topics. Ads for Viagra …

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