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Jul 17

Laparoscopic surgery quiz

Here is a fast quiz about laparoscopic surgery procedures. Which of these statements about laparoscopic surgery are true? Laparoscopic surgery procedures produce less post-operative pain. True or False? They offer faster recovery times. True or False? They result in shorter hospital stays. True or False? The visible scars produced by laparoscopic surgery are smaller. True …

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Jul 03

The danger of too much screen time

cell phone use

Our blog has pointed to the fast-food business and the sugar industry as major culprits in the epidemic of obesity affecting America and the developed world.  We have been careless in not pointing to another factor, the one you are engaged in right now – screen time. Health officials are more and more aware of …

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Jun 07

Doctor-patient communication

There is more to being a good doctor or surgeon than technical skill. It is also important to communicate accurately and openly with patients. Doctor-patient communication is critical to good health care. We understand this and try hard to maintain excellent communication through several means. Please look at: Our Website Our Facebook Page Our Blog …

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May 31

Surgery and Seniors

When considering any kind of elective surgery, the patient’s age must be a factor. Sometimes, surgery is absolutely demanded, but there are many medical situations in which treatment alternatives that do not require surgery are available. A paper published in the Journal of the American College of Surgery put it this way, “…increasing age itself …

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May 24

The End of Antibiotics?

Ecoli Bacteria

Several times, we have mentioned the concern that is developing about antibiotic resistant bacteria (see our past article, “Doctors Are Afraid of Bugs”). Modern laparoscopic surgery techniques have dramatically lowered the risk of infection during surgery procedures. However, there is still some risk of contamination any time a patient sustains a wound, including surgical wounds. …

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Apr 19

We Hear You!

Media and communication experts tell us that social media is more and more important in reaching out to people. Business Intelligence Magazine recently reported that Facebook and Instagram were the number 1 and 2 most common apps on smart phones, mobile devices and many computers. In many cases, a Facebook page is more important to …

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Mar 29

Informed consent

Patients should understand the benefits, risks and consequences of any surgery or medical procedure before they agree to it. Lawyers call this “informed consent,” and it is an important part of any doctor-patient relationship. Doctors understand this too, but sometimes the vocabulary they use can get in the way of effective communication. Medical school and …

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Mar 13

Our Practice on Facebook

Our online presence includes not only our webpage at, but also a very fine set of Facebook offerings! We know that for many people, Facebook is the internet. It is the first place they go when their browser or mobile device (cell phone) starts, it is where they get their news and find out …

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Mar 11

Our 3 Offices – From New Smyrna Beach to Daytona Beach to Palm Coast

Today’s medical practice demands that physicians and other providers make themselves as accessible to patients as possible. That is why we maintain three offices in the East Central Florida area. We are able to offer our surgery services to patients from New Smyrna Beach in the south to Palm Coast in the north, including most …

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Feb 01

Is your doctor board certified?

We often comment on how quickly things change in surgery and medical practice. It is absolutely essential that your primary care doctor and any specialist or surgeon you choose is current and up-to-date in his or her field. Getting and keeping board certification is one of the ways this level of high-quality practice is assured. …

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