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May 17

Overeating During Vacation

School is almost out, and vacation time is coming! For many people this means travel, eating and drinking in restaurants and overindulging. The news about vacation weight gain is both good and bad. Most people do not gain the three to five pounds they think they do during vacations.  A 2016 study at the University …

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Mar 22

Are you a mindful eater?

The best way to understand mindful eating might be to think about its contrasting opposite: mindless eating. Unfortunately, mindless eating is all too common today. For most of history, the main food-related problem faced by humans was simply getting enough to eat. Today, you can easily get a day’s worth of calories in a fast-food …

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Feb 25

Which of the following nutrient types are “Carbs?”

Fats Oils Sugar Starch Fiber Vitamins Most people will correctly identify sugar (as in M&Ms) and starch (as in pasta) as carbohydrates. Did you know that fiber is also a carbohydrate? Fiber is a much under-used part of many diets. Read about this “Good Carb” found in the healthiest foods, like whole grains, fruits and …

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Sep 17

Fiber is Your Friend

Doctor’s advice is often viewed as a list of “Do Nots.” Do not eat too much fat or sugar, do not drink too much alcohol and do not use tobacco. Positive advice sometimes goes down much better, and “Do eat more fiber” is a good place to start.  Fiber is your friend in many different …

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Apr 16

Eating behavior causes obesity

What is your worst eating habit? Is it nibbling at midnight, skipping breakfast, eating at stoplights, super-sizing your lunch? Or, maybe, you can’t think of one. For many people, the last choice is probably the most honest, because they never really think about their eating habits. They could not tell you what they had to …

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Jul 31

Switching to whole grains can help maintain a health weight

whole grain bread

Recently, an article on this website suggested some dietary substitutions that can help maintain a healthy weight. One of those suggestions was substituting whole grains like oatmeal, brown rice and whole wheat flour for refined grains such as white bread, white rice and white flour. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition …

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Jul 17

A few substitutions for successful weight loss

A successful weight-loss diet involves making some healthy substitutions for the problem areas in your current diet and eating habits. You might substitute plain, unsweetened soda water for regular cola drinks or beer. If processed grains are one of your problems, it could help to trade them in for more satisfying whole grain products, therefore …

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Jun 30

Read about “Mindful Eating”

Have you ever heard of “Mindful Eating?” Click the link to Dr. Birkedal’s May Newsletter and read about it.

Jun 13

Healthy Eating While on Vacation

Past articles on our website have addressed the problem of healthy eating during holidays. The good news was that most people overestimate the average amount of weight gained in the holiday season; the bad news is that this weight gain is typically not reversed in the months following the holidays. Instead, it accumulates, and these …

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Jun 12

What are the practical ways to control eating?

All physicians, including bariatric surgeons, agree that halting the development of medical obesity early is the best option. But what are the practical ways to control eating? Read about some by linking to Practical Ways to Control Eating.

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