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Apr 12

As If We Did Not Know

Doctors are like all people; we like to read or hear about new evidence that supports our old beliefs.  Sometimes this is a bad thing, because it strengthens misconceptions or outright fallacies; at other times, it serves a good purpose. There was a great example of serving good purposes In the March Edition of the …

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Mar 01

Spring Has Sprung, So Go for a Walk

Well, maybe spring will not officially be here until 5:58 Eastern Daylight Time on March 20, but in Florida we can say spring is already here. Don’t wait for the astronomical first day of spring to exercise one of your most important options: go for a walk today! Wellness is more than simply the absence …

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Feb 08

Yoga and Weight Loss

Yoga does not burn calories as fast as walking, swimming or aerobic exercise does, but it can offer an activity that is both low impact and non-competitive. Even severely overweight people can practice many forms of yoga without fear of injuring joints, feeling self-conscious or appearing inferior to fitter competitors. Yoga can be done in …

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Dec 28

A community resource for health and wellness

Our website has often published articles advocating the proven value of exercise in maintaining health and wellness. If you want to Commit to Exercising Every Day, there are several choices. You might want to Walk for Wellness or consider the Value of Yoga. Our residents here in the Volusia-Flagler and Central Florida areas are fortunate …

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Nov 30

A daily walk can do wonders

“The Best Things in Life Are Free,” or so goes the familiar old saying. When it comes to fitness, weight control and your general health, the habit of a daily walk can do wonders for people of all fitness levels. Surgeons are doctors first, and every good doctor wants to encourage the concept of “wellness.” …

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Oct 02

Change Your Exercises for Safe Weight Loss

Are you bored with doing the same exercises over and over while trying to lose weight safely? Are you showing signs of mental and physical stagnation? If, yes, you should change your exercise routine often for better results. Top Reasons to Exercise Regularly for Safe Weight Loss We all know how important it is to …

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Jun 18

Walking For Wellness

“The Best Things in Life Are Free,” or so goes the familiar old saying. This may not always be true, but when it comes to fitness, weight control and your general health, the habit of a daily walk fits the description for most people. This subject may seem a little far afield for a general …

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Mar 07

Does Yoga help with weight loss?


Yoga cannot contribute to weight loss in the same way that a calorie burning aerobic exercise can. While yoga does not ‘burn’ calories like an aerobic exercise, it can still play an important part in a weight-loss program. Learn how by reading “Yoga and Weight Loss.“

Feb 02

The importance of exercise

Our professional staff offers both weight-loss surgery and non-surgical approaches to weight loss. An important part of a successful weight loss program is commitment to some form of exercise. Read “Commit to Exercising Every Day” to find out more.

Jun 21

Yoga can help with weight loss

Did you know that yoga exercise can help you to lose weight? Yes, it can! Read about Yoga and Weight Loss by clicking on the link.

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