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May 03

Learn about the Gastric Sleeve

Like the Roux-en Y gastric bypass, the gastric sleeve is a commonly used bariatric procedure. You can learn about it by selecting GASTRIC SLEEVE.

Apr 21

What’s the difference between gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgeries?

Two of the most common laparoscopic weight-loss surgeries are the gastric sleeve and the gastric bypass. Click the link to read a comparison of these two procedures.

Jan 16

What is sleeve gastrostomy?

Sleeve gastrostomy is a surgical procedure that removes a large portion of the stomach. You can read about this procedure, the patients for whom it is indicated and how it may benefit obese patients by clicking Sleeve Gastrostomy.

Dec 12

What is a “gastric sleeve” and am I a candidate for this procedure?

The gastric sleeve is one type of bariatric (weight-loss) surgery performed on patients who have not responded to measures such as diet, exercise or medications. Every patient is different and must be evaluated by qualified physicians and surgeons. In appropriate patients, gastric sleeve surgery can be highly effective, even life-saving. Find out about this procedure …

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Oct 10

How expensive is Weight Loss Surgery?

Do you or someone you may know is considering having weight loss surgery, you must also be wondering about the cost? Just like any other surgeries, your insurance company will pay a large portion of the bill if your doctor finds that it is medically necessary. Talk to your doctor and medical insurance carrier to …

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Sep 15

The September Newsletter is out!

Check out Dr. Birkedal’s September Newsletter!

Sep 13

What is Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrostomy?

Laparoscopic sleeve gastrostomy or gastric sleeve surgery is a surgical procedure that is intended to help patients lose weight and reduce the chance of serious obesity-related conditions like diabetes, osteoarthritis or sleep apnea. It is called “sleeve gastrostomy” because the operation removes a large portion of the stomach, leaving a structure that looks like a …

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Sep 08

Gastric Bypass Surgery Versus Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Two of the most common laparoscopic weight-loss surgeries are the gastric sleeve and the gastric bypass. The term, “gastric bypass”, is very self-descriptive. This is a type of bariatric surgery that literally bypasses part of the digestive system. The meaning of “gastric sleeve” surgery may be less obvious. It does not refer to a band …

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Aug 18

Hormonal Response of Weight Training and It’s Effect on Weight Loss

Have you been fighting hard to get rid of your obesity issues? Turning on your hormones is one of the best ways to lose weight and reduce obesity. If you are ready to spend some time on doing intelligent exercise, then you can easily reduce those extra pounds and get the look you have always …

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Aug 15

Want to Have Before and After Pictures Too?

Have you been looking at those wonderful before and after pictures of people who have undergone weight loss surgery? That could be you. Just call Dr. Birkedal from Cocoa Beach and start your journey to your own lap band before and after pictures!

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