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May 15

Are You Thinking About Medical School?

If you or a young person you know is considering going to medical school, we salute you! The medical profession has long been seen as one of the most desirable fields of service and work. It is likely that this will continue in the future; however, before you commit to pursuing medicine as a career, …

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Dec 26

Holiday Surgery

Most people do not consider the holidays as the perfect time for undergoing a surgery of any kind. They would rather be spending time with friends and family than lying in a hospital bed or recovering at home while everyone else is having fun. However, there may be good reasons to consider having surgery over …

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Dec 17

A room full of miracles

Medical practice advances every day. In the specialty of General Surgery, we are using knowledge, training, technology and skills that did not even exist a decade ago. A laparoscopy operating room suite is literally a room filled with miracles, devices that surgeons of the past could only dream about. (See “What’s Inside a Laparoscopic Surgery …

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Aug 31

Good medical practices work together to benefit the patient

Bariatric medicine may involve the skills of primary care doctors like family practice or internal medicine specialists, endocrinologists and surgeons. Each of these physicians may have earned board certification in a medical specialty. What does the term, “Board Certified” mean? Click one of these links to find out what it takes for a doctor to …

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Aug 14

Minimally Invasive Breast Surgery

Breast cancer is one of the most common and concerning health problems faced by American women. It is second only to skin cancer as the most diagnosed malignancy in female patients. Currently, it is estimated that about 1 in 8 American women will develop invasive breast cancer (cancer that spreads into surrounding tissue) sometime in …

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Jul 23

Surgical Infection

For hundreds of years, the threat of infection hung over surgeons and their patients. No matter how skilled the surgeon, many operations resulted in an infection that often proved fatal. When you consider the conditions under which early surgeons worked, this result should not be surprising. It was only in the late 1860’s that Joseph …

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Jul 20

Take a look at our Surgical Videos

You can learn more about surgery you are considering by viewing the video presentations on our website. Find out about minimally invasive procedures (laparoscopic surgery) for breast surgery, gallbladder surgery, bariatric surgery and others. Take a look at Surgical Videos on our website.

Jul 18

Why do you have an appendix?

They say that Mother Nature never wastes anything. If that is true, what does your appendix do? Find out by reading just that, “What Does Your Appendix Do?”

May 17

What Does Your Pancreas Do?

The pancreas is one of several organs that reside in the abdominal cavity (others include the stomach, liver, gallbladder, spleen, small and large intestines and the kidneys). The human pancreas is located in the upper left part of the cavity, behind the stomach. Like several of the organs in your digestive system, the pancreas does …

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Feb 21

What is General Surgery?

You know pretty well what a pediatrician or a family practice doctor does, but what does a general surgeon do, how are they trained and what does the term, “Board Certified” say about a physician?  Find out by reading “What Does General Surgery Mean?

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