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Apr 05

IORT, an alternative to post-surgical radiation

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with breast cancer, you need to carefully consider all of your options. Wherever possible, lumpectomy has replaced mastectomy as surgical treatment for breast cancer. Lumpectomy is a surgical procedure in which only a part of the breast is removed. Thanks to early detection programs, many women …

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Mar 06

Breast Cancer Treatment, Early Detection and IORT

A mammogram is the most important screening test for breast cancer. Mammograms are extremely effective, and they can detect breast cancer as much as two years before the tumor can be felt by a patient or their doctor. Women who are at average risk of breast cancer should have a mammogram once a year after …

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Jan 28

Advances in breast cancer surgery have been dramatic

Improved treatment with drugs, radiation therapy and surgery, especially minimally invasive breast surgery, have made cure rates for breast cancer much higher. In the past, radiation therapy has been routinely recommended after many breast cancer operations, but a new technology, called IORT, can eliminate the need for extended treatment. You can learn about IORT, or …

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Nov 28

Breast Cancer and Early Detection

This past October was 2108’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we were remiss for not mentioning it more prominently. Breast cancer awareness month is a yearly campaign intended to educate people about the importance of early screening and testing. This campaign starts on October 1st and ends on October 31st of each year. When a …

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Nov 06

Whoa, We Missed Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

It seems like there is a month or a day for every possible cause and October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the United States. The outlook for women who suffer from breast cancer continues to look better and better, thanks to advances in treatment and to early detection. Many thanks to the organizations that …

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Sep 07

Learn more about IORT

Treatment for breast cancer has made great advances in the past decade. This includes both the surgery itself and the follow-up radiation treatment. In fact, it is often possible to avoid the weeks of radiation therapy by using IORT. Find out about this advance by clicking, IORT. If you need more information about IORT, please …

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Jul 30

Avoiding Radiation Therapy after Breast Cancer Surgery

Modern laparoscopic surgery techniques have made surgical breast cancer treatment a far more acceptable choice for thousands of women. Because of this and other advances in breast cancer treatment, the prognosis for women with breast cancer has improved dramatically. A vital key to this progress is the early detection and prompt treatment of breast cancer. …

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Jul 17

Breast Cancer Treatment, Early Detection and IORT

Treatment for breast cancer has routinely involved surgery followed by a period of radiation therapy. The follow-up radiation is intended to reduce the likelihood that breast cancer will develop again in the affected breast. Many studies have confirmed that radiation breast cancer treatment does indeed lower the chance of breast cancer returning, improving the long-term …

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Jun 12

IORT, A New Option in Breast Cancer Surgery

breast cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most common malignancies that affect American women. In fact, it is second only to skin cancer, with an estimated 330,000 new cases expected to be diagnosed in the U.S. this year. About 12.5% of all American women will develop breast cancer sometime in their lives. The good news is …

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