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Mar 08

Weight Loss Surgery to End Obesity Woes

Trying to lose weight? Dropping excess pounds cannot happen overnight. It is one of the biggest frustrations you would ever face in life. Losing weight is a true blue battle. It gives off an impression of being totally out of control that something so easy to put on is so difficult to discard. It ought …

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Oct 23

Considering Gastric Bypass

If you are severely obese, having gastric bypass surgery may be the only way to help you lose weight and solve some of your medical problems caused by the obesity. If you have been told to lose weight to save your life contact Dr. Birkedal from Edgewater to discuss what could be a lifesaving surgery. …

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Oct 12

Hiring the Right Surgeon

Just as you wouldn’t hire a plumber to sew a dress, you shouldn’t hire just any general surgeon for weight loss surgery in Kissimmee. A bariatric surgeon such as Dr. Birkedal, with experience in surgery for weight loss is what you should look for to obtain the best results.    

Sep 25

See Dr. Birkedal About Gastric Bypass Surgery

If you are considering gastric bypass surgery, come in for a consultation with Dr. Birkedal. He is a board certified bariatric surgeon with many years of experience in weight loss surgery. He has won multiple awards for his expertise and excellent relationship with his patients. Call today from Jacksonville to meet Dr. Birkedal and get …

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Sep 09

Weighing the Risks and Benefits

When thinking about having weight loss surgery, it is important to weight the benefits against the bariatric surgery risks. If you are morbidly obese, the long term benefits to your health may far outweigh the risks of surgery. Have a through discussion with your doctor in Bradenton and be sure you understand all the pros …

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Jul 14

Does Timing of Weight Loss Affect Weight Loss?

A patient recently asked me if timing of exercise effected weight loss and body composition.  After doing some research, the answer is yes.  However, to experience safe weight loss and improve your body composition, pick the low hanging fruit first. This means working on your diet as well as your exercise routine in order to …

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May 25

Happy Memorial Day!

While you are enjoying your day off today, we are planning to take a break from weight loss surgery. While you are relaxing in Pine Hills, please take the time to reflect on the reason for the holiday. Honor and remember our veterans and their sacrifice.

Apr 20

Understanding Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic surgery is defined as a surgery where a laparoscope is used. By using this small, powerful tool, surgeons are able to perform various types of surgery without having to make major incisions as they did in the past. This type of surgery, as such, has also been labeled as “minimally invasive”. It is a …

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Mar 24

Gastric Bypass Surgery

What it is and Why it is Done Gastric bypass surgery is a type of bariatric surgery where your stomach and intestines are cut and then reattached. Your stomach has two sections: a smaller upper section, and a larger bottom section. When the surgery is done, it makes it so that the food you eat …

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Jan 14

Make Lap Band Surgery Your Top New Year’s Resolution

weight loss surgery

After a merry December holiday period, it is that time of the year again to make plans for the approaching year. New Year resolutions are common; everyone wants to make a particular change in their lives and what other perfect time to do so other than the beginning of the year? Weight loss is one …

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