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Sep 13

What is Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrostomy?

Laparoscopic sleeve gastrostomy or gastric sleeve surgery is a surgical procedure that is intended to help patients lose weight and reduce the chance of serious obesity-related conditions like diabetes, osteoarthritis or sleep apnea. It is called “sleeve gastrostomy” because the operation removes a large portion of the stomach, leaving a structure that looks like a …

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Aug 15

Want to Have Before and After Pictures Too?

Have you been looking at those wonderful before and after pictures of people who have undergone weight loss surgery? That could be you. Just call Dr. Birkedal from Cocoa Beach and start your journey to your own lap band before and after pictures!

Aug 10

Considering Weight Loss Surgery

If you are considering weight loss surgery, your doctor should be able to help you with a decision in Kenansville. For many, gastric sleeve surgery may be the answer. It is more restrictive than a lap band, but not as invasive as a gastric bypass.

Aug 03

Managing Diabetes

For many, it is possible to reduce their need for insulin through proper diet and exercise. Practicing safe weight loss in Fruitland Park can also help.

Jul 25

Have you Ever Heard of a Slipped Band?

An allergen Lap band may slip due to improper placement or other reasons. Dr. Birkedal is well experienced at conducting surgical operations for lap band adjustments in Indian Harbor Beach.

Jul 22

Gallbladder Treatments

If you do not mind bearing three small incisions in your tummy, gallbladder surgery with a laparoscope will more than enough to take care of your gall bladder woes in Indialantic.

Jul 19

What are the Causes and Treatment of a Fatty Liver?

A fatty liver is a serious medical condition that occurs due to excess fat in the liver. Fat tissues are built in the liver when excess food is consumed. A person is said to be suffering from fatty liver when more than five percent of his liver contains fat. When your liver starts to become …

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Jul 18

What Exactly is Gastric Bypass Surgery?


A gastric bypass surgery involves connecting the small intestine directly to the esophagus, bypassing the stomach surgically connecting the two. Dr. Birkedal has had great success with this surgery for those from in Holopaw.

Jul 15

A Brief about Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic surgery is being use more and more today because of the benefits to both doctor and patient. Laparoscopic surgery only requires a few small incisions, in comparison to one large incision. Pain is lessened, as well as down time and time spent in the hospital. Dr. Birkedal is an expert in this field, so …

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Apr 12

Importance of Taking Bariatric Vitamins in Bariatric Surgery

  Obesity is a serious health issue that should be treated carefully. Weight loss surgery or bariatric surgery is a surgery that is performed on people suffering from obesity. It is very important that after undergoing surgery a patient takes the bariatric vitamins prescribed. What is Bariatric Surgery or Weight Loss Surgery? This kind of …

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