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Dec 05

Obesity and Healthcare Costs

Everyone is worried about managing health care costs. This issue is a growing concern to hospitals, the health insurance industry, public health officials and doctors; it especially worries politicians. The fact is that a very large part of this problem is related to human behavior, not to any natural force like infection. Depending on your …

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Aug 22

How do you think we are doing in the struggle against obesity?

Is morbid obesity becoming more or less common? Bariatric surgery procedures are more common, so is obesity a growing problem? Find out what the CDC said last October by reading “Wrong Way, Jose.” To get answers about your bariatric surgery questions, call our office at (386) 210-9794.

Aug 18

Is Obesity Contagious?

We all know that our environment affects the way we behave. If the people around us are polite and courteous, we tend to be the same. If they dress casually, we dress casually, not wanting to feel out of place. Is it possible that this extends to weight control? Why do some states (Utah, Hawaii …

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Aug 03

Do you know that you are probably paying for obesity?

If you or your employer buys health care insurance, if you pay Medicare taxes or Part B Medicare premiums, you are paying for the cost of obesity. Insurance is a risk-spreading device, intended to spread the burden of health care costs over many people. When the risk is increased by one group, all the rate …

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Jul 16

Obesity and Life Expectancy

Earlier this year, this website reported on CDC statistics that showed a decline in the average life expectancy of Americans for the second year in a row. Two consecutive yearly declines had not been recorded since the 1960’s. Late in May, the Centers for Disease Control issued preliminary data for the calendar year 2017, and …

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Jul 10

Obesity and Medical Costs

There is a good deal of discussion today about the cost of medical care. How much we spend on medical care, who pays for it and how it is allocated are all common topics in government, the media and among the public. In 2016, U.S. health care spending reached $3.3 trillion, or about $10,348 per …

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Jun 20

Fighting diabetes

insulin shot for diabetes

There is no vaccine to prevent diabetes, but there are medical procedures that can stop its progress and even reverse it. View this brief video presentation to find out how bariatric surgery can help end one of the most important threats to health. Click on Diabetes and Bariatric Surgery to learn more,

May 25

Vacation weight

School is almost out! That means that many families will be heading out on vacation sometime in the next few months. Vacation is one of the times during the year when many people let their diet slip. A University of Georgia study found that the average adult gained just under one pound when on vacation. …

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May 21

Calorie content required on restaurant menus

Two weeks ago, on May 7, a new nationwide regulation came into effect requiring restaurants with more than 20 outlets to post the caloric content of food items on their menus. This regulation had actually been a part of the Affordable Care Act, passed in 2010, but its implementation had been delayed several times. Prior …

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May 18

Are you considered medically obese?

Is obesity becoming more common? What percentage of America’s population qualifies as medically obese? Read the bottom line facts by clicking HERE.

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