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Mar 24

Exercise is necessary for safe weight loss

Weight-loss surgery and permanent changes to diet and eating behavior can combine to produce big decreases in body weight. But, the importance of exercise must not be overlooked. Read about the “Top Reasons to Exercise Regularly for Safe Weight Loss” by clicking the link.

Dec 08

How to Handle the Holidays Without Gaining Weight

Along with family, friends, visits and happy memories, the holidays also bring stress and temptation. Many of us deal with holiday stress and temptation by increasing behavior that we know is unhealthy. Not getting enough rest or exercise and overindulging in food and alcohol is a common response to holiday stress. An increase of five …

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Oct 21

Is Exercise really important for my Body?

We have a series of articles addressing addressing the importance of exercise.

Sep 17

Is Exercise really important for my Body?

We have a series of articles addressing this topic take a look “My Final Post of My Weight Loss Article Series.”

Sep 02

Just because there is a Hurricane coming it does not mean we shouldn’t exercise!


Ok, everyone is a little excited about the Hurricane season. No problem, if we have to stay indoors lets focus on stretching. Our bodies have a tendency to tense up when our stress levels go up. We also have a tendency to eat a little too much. So just focus on stretching and there’s nothing …

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Aug 16

Pediatric Obesity – How to Overcome Obesity in Children

Childhood obesity has increased tremendously in the last few years and is hard to spot because kids grow at different rates. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, pediatric obesity is considered as the fastest growing crises the world is facing now. If your child is suffering from pediatric obesity, you need to …

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Aug 15

Want to Have Before and After Pictures Too?

Have you been looking at those wonderful before and after pictures of people who have undergone weight loss surgery? That could be you. Just call Dr. Birkedal from Cocoa Beach and start your journey to your own lap band before and after pictures!

Aug 12

Lap Band and Pregnancy

If you have the lap band and become pregnant you should consult with your doctor about removing the lap band for the duration of your pregnancy in Edgewater. The lap band and pregnancy may not go together well, since the lap band limits your food intake. Pregnancy is not a good time for limiting your …

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Aug 10

Considering Weight Loss Surgery

If you are considering weight loss surgery, your doctor should be able to help you with a decision in Kenansville. For many, gastric sleeve surgery may be the answer. It is more restrictive than a lap band, but not as invasive as a gastric bypass.

Aug 05

Cost of Weight Loss Surgery

weight loss

Obesity surgery cost can vary depending on whether you live in Miami or Holopaw. Lap band surgery is probably the least expensive and is also the least invasive.  

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