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Jun 03

Forms of Weight Loss Surgery

There are many kinds of bariatric surgery and weight loss operations that are available to choose from nowadays, such as gastric bypass surgery and lap band surgery. It’s important to be completely informed on all of the different options that you have so that you can make the best decision for your particular situation. With …

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Apr 24

Benefits of Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery describes a wide range of weight loss surgeries and other procedures. Some of these are lap band surgery, gastric bypass surgery, and thyroid surgery. There are many benefits to this type of surgery. For example, if you are struggling with weight loss issues, this type of surgery can relieve a lot of your …

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Mar 18

Benefits of Skin Graft Surgery

Skin graft surgery can definitely be a huge help for many types of issues. When dealing with a wound, it can reduce its size, depth or even help it heal entirely. It can also be beneficial for those looking to have certain types of weight loss surgery done. See your doctor today in Tampa for …

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Mar 11

Considering Surgery?

    Do you live or visit Florida? Call us and we can provide you with an appointment. Most Insurance Companies accepted. Call us at 386-231-3530

Feb 13

Teaching Your Kids to Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Being a parent defines a responsibility that stretches further than just being the adult provider in the house. It is more of a role-model-like relationship, where your kids have you as their main role model. This is a massive responsibility since there are dozens of things that your kids need to know and if you …

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Dec 08

Winter Workouts

Staying in shape when the weather is cold can be a challenge for you. Dr. Birkedal suggests that you check out local malls for mall walks and buy a DVD for in the house workout routines. Take the stairs and not the elevator and join a local gym.  

Nov 04

Exploring Skin Grafting With Dr. C Birkedal

Skin grafting has over the years proven to be a solution that stands out among many used for healing burns and other related skin damage. Dr C. Birkedal goes into detail about skin grafting, defining it and explaining the process in this article.

Apr 15

Skin Graft Surgery Explained

If you have ever wondered what skin graft surgery is then this recent article by Dr. Birkedal should clear it up for you.   Posted By: AXIOM Health Care Marketing

Apr 11

What Is Skin Graft Surgery?

At one point or another in life we all face a serious medical problem. Having a burn or other harm done to your skin can be very painful. Along with the pain is a variety of other concerns. But there is a solution to this problem. It is called skin graft surgery and it is …

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