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Jul 04

Happy 4th of July

Happy Birthday America!

Sep 14

Do you have any idea how much sugar Americans eat?

Most people know that they consume more refined sugar than they should, but do you have any idea how much sugar Americans eat? Actually, the consumption of sugar peaked in the year 2000 and has dropped, but not to an acceptable level. Would you believe that the peak consumption was 149 pounds per person? Look …

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Sep 06

What is a Normal Sugar Intake?

nutrition label

Is there a “normal” daily requirement for sugar? Most people have glanced at a nutrition label from time to time, checking to see how many calories, how much protein and so on there is in the food they eat. Besides the entries for protein, fat, total carbohydrates and other nutrients, there is a listing for …

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Aug 15

The Chicken Or the Egg?

Discussing mental health and obesity can be tricky, because you often run into the question of, “which came first.”  Mental health issues like anxiety and depression can lead to overeating and obesity, but is it sometimes the reverse? Does being overweight or obese make people depressed and anxious? Do overweight patients suffer from a higher …

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Aug 08

You may be familiar with the term, “Binge Eating Disorder”

About 2.5% of the general population has experienced binge eating disorder at some time. That is not a high percentage, but studies indicate that BED is far more common in people who seek medical help for obesity. Read about the effect that binge eating disorder has on health by clicking Binge Eating Disorder.

Jul 13

Change your behavior, change your luck

Today is “Friday, the Thirteenth,” the day we fear bad luck. The truth is that luck does play an important part in life, but a lot of bad luck stems from our own behavior. The good news is that we can change this behavior (if we try). Here are some good luck behaviors- Healthy Eating …

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May 16

Monthly Bariatric Support Group Meeting Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the 3rd Thursday in May and the Monthly Bariatric Support Group Meeting will be held in Dr. Birkedal’s office at Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center. The Monthly Bariatric Support Group meets on each month’s 3rd Thursday. For information, please call our office at (386) 231-3530. For directions to Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center, …

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May 11

Is Medicare insurance accepted?

Any physician or surgeon practicing in the Volusia-Flagler or Space Coast region of Florida knows the vital role Medicare insurance plays in serving our patients. This area of Florida has one of the highest concentrations of Medicare patients in the entire United States. Medicare is one of the several insurance cover ages we accept, and …

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May 09

The importance of the enteric endocrine system

digestive system

Your digestive system is much more than a series of tubes, valves, holding tanks and mixing bowls. It is also a very sophisticated, complex part of the endocrine system. These hormone-secreting cells within the stomach and intestine are called the enteric endocrine system. Read about the importance of the enteric endocrine system.

Apr 13

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