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Feb 11

Insurance Coverage and Getting Approved for Weight-Loss Surgery

One of the most common questions a surgeon gets is, “Is it covered by insurance?” This is a major concern to people who are considering bariatric surgery (weight-loss surgery). Insurance companies often require that relatively high standards be met before agreeing to cover bariatric surgery cost. A conclusive answer to this question can be found …

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Jan 25

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Sep 16

What is Allergan lap Band Surgery?

When you are looking to lose weight, Allergan is just one of the manufacturers that make products that can help. The Allergan Lap Band is used for the lap band procedure that limits the amount of food your stomach can hold and therefore helps you to lose weight by eating less. Call Dr. Birkedal today …

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Sep 13

What is Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrostomy?

Laparoscopic sleeve gastrostomy or gastric sleeve surgery is a surgical procedure that is intended to help patients lose weight and reduce the chance of serious obesity-related conditions like diabetes, osteoarthritis or sleep apnea. It is called “sleeve gastrostomy” because the operation removes a large portion of the stomach, leaving a structure that looks like a …

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Sep 08

Gastric Bypass Surgery Versus Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Two of the most common laparoscopic weight-loss surgeries are the gastric sleeve and the gastric bypass. The term, “gastric bypass”, is very self-descriptive. This is a type of bariatric surgery that literally bypasses part of the digestive system. The meaning of “gastric sleeve” surgery may be less obvious. It does not refer to a band …

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Aug 12

Lap Band and Pregnancy

If you have the lap band and become pregnant you should consult with your doctor about removing the lap band for the duration of your pregnancy in Edgewater. The lap band and pregnancy may not go together well, since the lap band limits your food intake. Pregnancy is not a good time for limiting your …

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Jul 29

Over Sleeping is not Good for Health

Did you know that sleeping and obesity are related? If you didn’t already know, you may wish to browse through the obesity related symptoms that would lead you to ponder over the obesity surgery cost in Kenansville.

Jul 18

What Exactly is Gastric Bypass Surgery?


A gastric bypass surgery involves connecting the small intestine directly to the esophagus, bypassing the stomach surgically connecting the two. Dr. Birkedal has had great success with this surgery for those from in Holopaw.

Apr 08

Why Weight Training Is Important For Safe Weight Loss

Every overweight person dreams of losing weight and becoming trim and healthy. Studies have proved that weight training is more important for fat loss when compared to cardio exercises. If you want to look healthy, have bone density and gain confidence, you need to go in for weight training and thus ensure safe weight loss. …

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Mar 08

Weight Loss Surgery to End Obesity Woes

Trying to lose weight? Dropping excess pounds cannot happen overnight. It is one of the biggest frustrations you would ever face in life. Losing weight is a true blue battle. It gives off an impression of being totally out of control that something so easy to put on is so difficult to discard. It ought …

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