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Dec 11

Evidence Supporting Weight Loss Surgery Mounts

Several months ago we wrote an article about “evidence-based medicine,” sometimes called “evidence-based practice.” These terms mean that doctors base their decisions on objective facts gathered by trained professionals who are not biased about the results. If the evidence shows that a certain drug was not effective, or produced unacceptable side effects, then evidenced-based practice …

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Nov 26

A common misconception about weight loss surgery

There is a common misconception about weight loss surgery that says, “Most weight loss surgery patients will regain the weight they lose over years to come.” Numerous studies have now demonstrated that this is not the case. The effectiveness of bariatric surgery in long term weight control has been repeatedly confirmed. The medical profession and …

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Sep 05

The metabolic effects of weight loss surgery

Most people think of weight loss surgery in terms of bypassing or reducing the size the stomach and digestive system. Of course, the gastric sleeve and gastric bypass procedures do those things, but they also produce changes in the body’s endocrine system. In fact, weight loss surgery is now often referred to as “metabolic surgery.” …

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Apr 30

Medicare and Weight Loss Surgery

Medicare patients are an important part of many doctors’ practice. This is especially true in the Daytona-Volusia, Florida east coast area, home to a high concentration of senior residents. Our office accepts Medicare and Medicaid insurance, and weight loss surgery (bariatric surgery) is covered under these plans when certain requirements are met. Medicare coverage for …

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Apr 23

Digesting Some Anatomy

Doctors sometime talk to patients using expressions that just do not come across. Terms like”duodenum,” “ileum” or “sleeve gastronomy” can confuse and discourage a patient. Still, when a patient is considering bariatric surgery or even actively trying to select a weight loss surgeon, it is extremely important that they have some basic knowledge about what …

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Apr 20

Weight loss surgery vs bariatric surgery vs metabolic surgery

What is the difference between “Weight Loss Surgery,” “Bariatric Surgery” and “Metabolic Surgery”? Or in many cases are they the same thing? Read our March 2018 Newsletter to find out about these procedures.

Mar 19

Weight Loss Surgery as Metabolic Treatment

Many people think of weight loss surgery mainly as a cosmetic procedure, like a “nose job” or “tummy tuck.” For a lot of patients, the strongest motivation for seeking bariatric surgery is the expected improvement in personal appearance. There is nothing wrong with this reasoning, but to doctors, insurance companies and public health officials, there …

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Nov 13

Do Medicare and Medicaid cover weight-loss surgery?

Do Medicare and Medicaid insurance plans ever cover the cost of weight-loss surgery? Our practice accepts a wide variety of insurance plans and the office staff can help you evaluate your coverage. Click on INSURANCE to contact our business office.

Nov 08

What is Allergan lap Band Surgery?

When you are looking to lose weight, Allergan is just one of the manufacturers that make products that can help. The Allergan Lap Band is used for the lap band procedure that limits the amount of food your stomach can hold and therefore helps you to lose weight by eating less. Call Dr. Birkedal today …

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Oct 10

The History of Weight Loss Surgery

Today, bariatric surgery, or weight loss surgery, is an everyday event, recognized as an effective treatment in many cases for morbid obesity. Each day, thousands of gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgery procedures are done in hospitals across the United States and around the world. They are done safely and without serious complications, often using …

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