Jul 26

Cost of Medical School

Most people know that the road to becoming a doctor is long and hard, but do you also know how expensive it is? The American Medical Student Association estimated that in 2016, the average medical school debt was $190,000, with 25% of graduates carrying a debt of more than $200,000. By 2018 the figure was $200,000 for the median (the amount where half of graduates owe less, and half owe more). This is like having a home mortgage without the house.

Fortunately, this does not stop determined young people from starting down this road. However, the cost of becoming a doctor cannot be measured in dollars alone. It also involves years of hard work and study, often more than students are willing to give. If you are a young person (or if you know a young person) who is considering a medical career, consider all the costs, both monetary and personal:

  • It’s hard work.
  • It is very competitive
  • It takes a long time.
  • It requires an expensive education.
  • We do not know the future.

Take a look at our past article, “Do You Want to Go to Medical School?” and think it over carefully.

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