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Diabetes – Medications vs. Life Style Changes


rsz_diabetes-777001_960_720Diabetes comes in two forms: Type 1, sometimes called juvenile diabetes and Type 2. Type two is more common and is usually connected with the patient being overweight, though not in all cases, and they may be under the care of both a regular doctor in Daytona Beach and a weight loss surgeon if appropriate.

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease and is much more serious. The patients are stricken in childhood and it has nothing to do with weight. They must take insulin shots as their bodies can’t make this vital hormone. In some cases, the diabetes sufferer may want to have safe weight loss, but this won’t cure their type 1 diabetes and they will probably need diabetic medications for their entire lives.

However, in either case, a diabetic needs a healthy diet and needs to normalize their blood sugar numbers.

Medication and Lifestyle Changes for Diabetes Type 2 Patients

A study was done involving patients with prediabetes. Some patients were placed on a diabetes medication called Metformin, while other followed weight loss options such as eating healthier and exercising. Those who took the Metformin only had a 2% weight loss over the next four years while the others had a 6% weight loss. Metformin decreased the risk of developing diabetes by 31%, while lifestyle changes decreased the risk by 58%.This showed that lifestyle changes were more effective than the Metformin.

Normally, most doctors will start off a patient who has developed type 2 diabetes with lifestyle changes such as undergoing weight loss procedures to help them with safe weight loss if they are overweight.

Medication or Lifestyle changes?

Doctors will test a person’s blood sugar level to determine which is a better course of action: medications or lifestyle changes alone. It may depend on other factors as well, such as allergies, age, gender, and current lifestyle. The patient may also have to do blood checks periodically during the day to determine their blood sugar levels and if they should take more or less of their medications.rsz_good_food_

Some of the best lifestyle changes, besides safe weight loss, is doing things like stop smoking, eat a healthy diet, and start an exercise regime. Other good things to do is to reduce stress, as this has a big impact on a person’s lifestyle. Some patients will always need a dose of some sort of medication, but that doesn’t mean that lifestyle changes won’t assist in keeping them healthier as well.

Studies Show Lifestyle Along With Medication May Be Route to Take

A study done by the Diabetes Prevention Program showed lifestyle changes were twice as effective as Metformin in preventing high risk patients from getting diabetes Type 2 by more than half. However, mixing the medication with lifestyle changes could also be even more effective in some cases, but there are many patients in Daytona Beach who must do both.

When it comes to good lifestyle changes, diet is vital. Diabetics need a heart healthy diet because they are also susceptible to heart disease. Be sure to eat lots of vegetables and fruits, lean meat, fish and chicken and stay away from fried foods, and high sodium processed foods. They should also limit alcohol to one drink for women and two drinks a day for men.

Additionally, diabetics should not smoke, watch their blood pressure, and get 30 to 60 minutes of exercise every day. As stated earlier, obesity is a risk for diabetes, and an overweight person who has diabetes should seek out weight loss options and if needed, talk to a weight loss surgeon.

The bottom line is that diabetes is a serious condition suffered by millions of people around the world, and anyone suffering from it should speak with their doctor to help make the decision for medication or lifestyle changes, or both.

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