May 10

Doctors Fear Bugs!

About a year ago, our blog published an article about the growing menace of antibiotic resistant bacteria (see “Doctors Are Afraid of Bugs”). Surgeons are very concerned about this problem; we do not want patients to contract any infection at all after surgery, and if that infection turns out to be antibiotic-resistant, it complicates the problem.  This is one of the reasons that laparoscopic surgery has been so widely adopted. Even complicated weight loss surgery, like the gastric bypass or gastric sleeve, can be performed using very small incisions. Smaller surgical wounds reduce the likelihood of any surgery-related infection. Pain and scarring are reduced, and laparoscopy recovery time is shorter.

Lastly, if you hear that some politician wants to cut funding for the National Institutes of Health or the Center for Disease Control, tell them that this is an invitation to catastrophe. Antibiotics have made procedures like hip and knee replacements, abdominal surgery and other modern miracles possible.  Antibiotic resistance threatens all these procedures, and these agencies are the front lines for developing new ways to fight them.

If you have any question about laparoscopy procedures or any of the areas included in general surgery, especially bariatric surgery, please contact our office. You may use Contact Dr Birkedal or phone us at (386) 210-9794. Our offices, located in Daytona, New Smyrna and Palm Coast are all part of the AdventHealth Medical Group.

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