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Hormonal Response of Weight Training and It’s Effect on Weight Loss

black-1295124_960_720Have you been fighting hard to get rid of your obesity issues? Turning on your hormones is one of the best ways to lose weight and reduce obesity. If you are ready to spend some time on doing intelligent exercise, then you can easily reduce those extra pounds and get the look you have always wanted. Dr. Christian Birkedal is an expert in weight-loss surgery and can help you with safe weight-loss programs to reduce obesity.

Hormonal Response and Safe Weight Loss

If you want to burn more calories quickly, then you need to do exercises that control hormones. Many people believe that low intensity exercises help in burning more calories. To some extent, this is true. By doing low intensity training you burn more fat compared to the amount of sugar burned. When you do high intensity training, you will be able to burn more calories, which include fat, as well as sugar.

The idea of a hormonal response when exercising is a new concept to many. When you do high intensity training, stress hormones are produced and these hormones keep burning more fats and sugars even after the workout is over. That is why after high intensity training, you can see that you will be sweating a lot even after 30 minutes of rest. As most people are not aware of this secret, it is better to consult someone who can guide you and help you make the right choice when it comes to choosing your safe weight-loss program. Dr. Christian Birkedal and his team can help you in selecting the correct training regime that suits you and ensures that you get the maximum health benefits.

Hormonal Changes that help in Weight Loss

The Role of Growth Hormones. Weight training, which comes under high-intensity exercise, can bring about changes in hormones that help in weight loss. During exercise, the hormones that are secreted are growth hormones, insulin and testosterone. Studies have proven that when we participate in high intensity exercise, at the end of the exercise, the concentration of growth hormones increases. This results in more caloric burn, which in turn helps in reducing weight. Resistance exercises play an important role in increasing the growth hormones in both men and women. The quantity of growth hormones generated also depends upon the type of exercise chosen, the amount of muscles used for training, the velocity and intensity of the exercise.weight-loss-1207555_960_720

High intensity training with minimum breaks helps in generating more growth hormones. For a greater response, it is better to include repetitive sets of high intensity training like running, weight lifting, and push-ups with shorter resting intervals.

The Role of Testosterone. When doing resistance training, men tend to produce more testosterone compared to women. Nutrition intake, experience, and intensity of exercise also play an important role in the amount of testosterone generated. Along with exercise, nutrition intake also plays an important role in growth hormone generation that helps in weight loss. To know what is to be included in your diet plan and for information on safe weight-loss programs that suit you, get the help of Dr. Christian Birkedal.


If you are someone struggling with obesity and seeking medically supervised safe weight-loss programs, Dr. Christian Birkedal can support you. If non-surgical options do not produce the desired results for you, he can help you lose weight through weight-loss surgery. The various surgical options include bariatric surgery at Lockhart, lap band surgery at Goldenrod and gastric bypass surgery at Malabar. Dr. Christian Birkedal and his team are experts in both gastric sleeve and silicone gastric banding surgeries that help in safe weight loss.

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