Apr 05

IORT, an alternative to post-surgical radiation

breast cancerIf you or a loved one has been diagnosed with breast cancer, you need to carefully consider all of your options. Wherever possible, lumpectomy has replaced mastectomy as surgical treatment for breast cancer. Lumpectomy is a surgical procedure in which only a part of the breast is removed. Thanks to early detection programs, many women diagnosed with breast cancer are candidates for lumpectomy.

In the past, radiation therapy has been routinely recommended after lumpectomy to reduce the risk of cancer reappearing after breast surgery. IORT, or Intraoperative Radiation Therapy, offers an alternative to post-surgical radiation for many women. Using IORT, the radiation is delivered during the surgery itself, directly into the area where the tumor has been removed. Most patients will not require added radiation therapy at a later time. IORT offers several advantages over past options. You can learn all the details by clicking on “IORT, A New Option in Breast Cancer Treatment.”

If our office can be of any assistance in this or any other general surgery matter, please contact us using Contact Dr Birkedal or by phone at (386) 210-9794. Our general surgery practice concentrates on minimally invasive breast surgery and bariatric surgery. All of our offices, located in Daytona, New Smyrna and Palm Coast, are part of the AdventHealth Medical Group.

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