Mar 25

Is It Covered by My Insurance Policy?

That is one of the most common “medical” questions that surgeons get, and it is a vitally important question to many patients. Some surgical procedures are absolutely necessary (“medically necessary” as the insurance people say). No one will argue that removal of a ruptured appendix is optional. It is not, but insurance carriers may consider other operations as questionable expenses.

Bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery) may be one of those procedures. The insurance company’s approval will depend on input from the weight-loss surgeon, other doctors and the patient. Each case is different, but there are some elements that any insurance company will take into account before approving weight-loss surgery. You can learn more about these likely factors by reading our blog article, “Insurance Coverage and Getting Approved for Weight-Loss Surgery” or by viewing this Facebook video, Dr. Birkedal on Weight Loss Surgery Insurance.

If you have any question about bariatric surgery or any other area included in general surgery, please contact our office. You may use Contact Dr Birkedal or phone us at (386) 210-9794. Our offices, located in Daytona, New Smyrna and Palm Coast are all part of the AdventHealth Medical Group.

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