Jul 17

A few substitutions for successful weight loss

healthy weight lossA successful weight-loss diet involves making some healthy substitutions for the problem areas in your current diet and eating habits. You might substitute plain, unsweetened soda water for regular cola drinks or beer. If processed grains are one of your problems, it could help to trade them in for more satisfying whole grain products, therefore feeling full after eating less.

A good nutritionist or dietician can point you to healthy choices from beverages to desserts and these substitutions are good advice. However, there is a more basic substitution you must make first: you must trade in your old attitude for a new one. You must substitute action for inaction, a sensible plan for no plan, realistic expectations for ‘lose-it-easily’ diet fads.

That first substitution must take place before you can make any real progress. Physicians who deal with the problem of excess weight know that this is how every successful weight-loss program begins: with a new attitude, a new plan and the grit to stick to it.

July 20th is the 3rd Thursday of July and the date of our next Monthly Bariatric Forum Meeting. Attending this informative meeting could be the start of your new plan. The meeting is located in Dr. Birkedal’s main office at Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center, Daytona Beach.  If you want to start on the road to lasting weight-loss success, the Monthly Bariatric Forum can be your starting point. Click on the Bariatric Forum Link to get time and address details. You may also call today for an appointment or information. Our phone number is (386) 231-3530 and our office hours are Monday thru Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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