Mar 25

Is It Covered by My Insurance Policy?

That is one of the most common “medical” questions that surgeons get, and it is a vitally important question to many patients. Some surgical procedures are absolutely necessary (“medically necessary” as the insurance people say). No one will argue that removal of a ruptured appendix is optional. It is not, but insurance carriers may consider …

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Mar 22

Are you a mindful eater?

The best way to understand mindful eating might be to think about its contrasting opposite: mindless eating. Unfortunately, mindless eating is all too common today. For most of history, the main food-related problem faced by humans was simply getting enough to eat. Today, you can easily get a day’s worth of calories in a fast-food …

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Mar 20

Social Media as Medical Media

There was a time (not that long ago) when a doctor who posted on social media or placed a video on YouTube might have been criticized, even disciplined by a medical association. Times have changed! Today, the public can get a very good idea about drugs, surgical procedures and medical devices from Google and other …

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Mar 19

Is Obesity Contagious?

Looking around these days, you might think that obesity could be a contagion. Actually, it is true that there are clusters of obesity in some areas, places where a greater than expected proportion of people are seriously overweight. If obesity is not contagious, why does it sometimes seem to cluster in certain areas? The RAND …

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Mar 15

Obesity and Lifespan

In 2014 Americans could expect to live an average of 79 years, almost twice the life expectancy of those born in the 1800’s. For decades, average life expectancy had grown year after year, but recently this has not happened! Why? The prestigious scientific organization, the National Academy of Science (the NAS), pointed to obesity as …

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Mar 13

Our Practice on Facebook

Our online presence includes not only our webpage at, but also a very fine set of Facebook offerings! We know that for many people, Facebook is the internet. It is the first place they go when their browser or mobile device (cell phone) starts, it is where they get their news and find out …

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Mar 11

Our 3 Offices – From New Smyrna Beach to Daytona Beach to Palm Coast

Today’s medical practice demands that physicians and other providers make themselves as accessible to patients as possible. That is why we maintain three offices in the East Central Florida area. We are able to offer our surgery services to patients from New Smyrna Beach in the south to Palm Coast in the north, including most …

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Mar 08

What do I need to do before weight loss surgery?

From a patient’s point of view, one of the most important people in a medical office is the insurance secretary. When there is any doubt about coverage, this person has the skill and knowledge it takes to negotiate the approval process. Our office, which is part of the Advent Health Group, works with numerous health …

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Mar 06

Breast Cancer Treatment, Early Detection and IORT

A mammogram is the most important screening test for breast cancer. Mammograms are extremely effective, and they can detect breast cancer as much as two years before the tumor can be felt by a patient or their doctor. Women who are at average risk of breast cancer should have a mammogram once a year after …

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Mar 04

Would you or a loved one benefit from bariatric surgery?

You may think that the strongest motivation for seeking bariatric surgery is the expected improvement in personal appearance. There is nothing wrong with this reasoning; the improvement in appearance can have definite medical, psychological and social benefits. However, to doctors, insurance companies and public health officials, there is a stronger incentive: saving money and lives. …

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