Nov 23

Insurance Coverage

Lack of insurance coverage sometimes discourages patients from even investigating medical treatment, especially for procedures like bariatric surgery. In many cases, patients are surprised to find that their carrier will cover some or all of the cost. The only way to find out with certainty is to work it through the insurance office in your …

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Nov 21

Happy Thanksgiving Day


Happy Thanksgiving from Dr Birkedal and staff.

Nov 21

What Is A1C and Why Is It Important?

Last week we commented on the wave of television and other advertisements for diabetes medications. It is unlikely that you can watch TV for more than a few “prime-time” hours without seeing an ad for products like Jardiance, Lyrica, Toujeo, Trulicity, Farxiga or Lantus. These ads picture big, burly firemen at work and bike-riding seniors …

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Nov 19

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Thanksgiving is coming this very week, and holiday weight gain is a concern for many people. Most folks overestimate the amount of weight they will gain during the holidays, but at the same time, they underestimate how long it will take to lose that pound or two. Over the years and decades, this adds up …

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Nov 16

What is the relationship between obesity and type-2diabetes?

Excess weight, physical inactivity and age are three of the major risk factors for type-2 diabetes. It is almost certainly true that the type-2 diabetes epidemic (as the CDC calls it) is due in large part to the growing prevalence of obesity, the lack of physical exercise and the increasing age of Americans. There is …

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Nov 14

Diabetes is Prime Time

If you have watched very much television in the past twelve to eighteen months, you have almost certainly seen dozens, perhaps hundreds, of commercials for prescription medicines intended to treat diabetes. Think back, and you will realize that diabetes has replaced male sexual dysfunction as one of television’s most common advertising topics. Ads for Viagra …

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Nov 12

Today is Veterans Day

Today is the official observance of Veterans Day for 2018! It is never enough, but we should all thank our fellow citizens who have served this great nation, both in war and in keeping the peace. The contributions that veterans have made to our nation and to this state and community are too great to …

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Nov 09

Did you know that Dr. Birkedal is a featured contributor to Magazine? Magazine

That is correct! Besides practicing general surgery, Dr. Birkedal contributes to this valuable local publication on a regular basis. You can read his article in the Fall, 2018 edition of Magazine by clicking “When Seniors Need Surgery.” If you have questions about topics like “When Seniors Need Surgery” or any other subject relating to …

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Nov 08

Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

The 2018 holiday season is about to begin. In a quick progression, we will have Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. The “holiday season” will not truly end until February 4, 2019 (Super Monday) when many people are most likely to miss work and discover that their clothes are a bit …

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Nov 07

Fatty Liver Disease

By the time a patient is seen by a bariatric surgeon, he or she has most likely been to a number of doctors who have diagnosed problems associated with obesity. Hypertension, heart disease, high cholesterol levels and insulin resistance are commonly mentioned. In recent years, a new term has been appearing in the list: “Fatty …

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