Mar 01

Spring Has Sprung, So Go for a Walk

man walking his dogWell, maybe spring will not officially be here until 5:58 Eastern Daylight Time on March 20, but in Florida we can say spring is already here. Don’t wait for the astronomical first day of spring to exercise one of your most important options: go for a walk today! Wellness is more than simply the absence of illness; it is an active process of making healthy and sustainable choices, choices like taking a daily walk! If you are sitting down right now, check out “Walking for Wellness.” Then take the advice it gives and start a walking program today.

There are abundant opportunities to engage in wellness activities here in the central and coastal areas of Florida. As mentioned before, the Advent Health Daytona Beach Health & Wellness Center brings the most advanced equipment and wellness services to our patients in the Daytona-Volusia area. You can view some of their services by clicking their link.

As always, if we can answer any questions you have, ranging from insurance coverage to appointments to technical information about general surgery, especially bariatric surgery you can contact us by using Contact Dr Birkedal or by phone at (386) 210-9794. Our office is part of the Advent Health network.

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